In The Womb Are We All Female First, Is The Question
Female And Her Womb
Chapter 14


In the terms of chromosomes, as soon as we are fertilized (embryo) as people on earth, we are either male or female, and in terms of chromosomes, there are some odd peculiarities, like people who are XXY or XYY, or some other combination, but they are abnormalities. The problem is that chromosomes may carry the genes, and the genes may provide the blueprints for who we will be physically, but they do not build the body itself, those genes must be translated into various enzymes, proteins, and hormones. Even females have a small number of male sex hormones, just less than males have, as males have female hormones just less than females. When a baby is first conceived (embryonic), you cannot see what sex it is with your naked eyes. Still, from day one, it is either male or female, so clearly, therefore, we must have hormones within the womb that caused some sexual changes to occur long before then, example; when the sperm and egg join together as one being, at that moment you are YOU! Even though those hormones were not active in the very earliest stages of the pregnancy, (for the physical growth to take place) since right at the beginning, it is not even easy to tell whether you are looking at the first stages of a person or an animal, the schools teach that we start as one cell let alone what sex it is. We also know that hormone levels continue to rise until puberty when the final aspects of sexual differentiation take place. People start in the womb as neither male nor female when they are eggs, but the chromosome from our fathers decides what sex we are in our mothers' pregnancy, and pregnancy starts when the sperm and egg unite. Gender is determined immediately upon fertilization. The 23 pairs of chromosomes establish the sex of the baby when the sperm and egg are one. The mother's egg contains an X chromosome, while the father's sperm carries either another X or a Y chromosome. An, XX combination means the baby is female and an XY combination means the baby is male. This means that the baby's gender is determined before it is even considered a fetus by European and American science. Yet in Ancient cultures, the baby is a baby even as an embryo or fetus, as soon as fertilization takes place in the womb the child is seen as a baby in the womb. Unlike in European Cultures, the embryo and fetus may not be seen as a baby. 

Science Desk Reference: By Thomas Fursch, Ph.D., Gail Gibson, Ph.D., Burrell Montz Ph.D., Harriet Stubbs, Ph.D. & Peter Thomas, Ph.D.


Chromosomes carry the strands of genetic material called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that determines an organism's characteristics. People have 23 pairs of chromosomes, except for one pair in males, the same genes appear in the same order on each structure, but the alleles are not necessarily the same on both chromosomes. For example, a gene that controls eye color can be found at the same location on each one of a pair of chromosomes, but the allele may be for light Brown eyes on one chromosome and Dark Brown eyes on the other. A total of 20 different amino acids are used in building proteins, and each one can be represented by three bases in a row, a triplet that is called a codon. Biology 101 University of Washington


By age two or three a child will begin to develop an awareness of being either male or female and begin to act accordingly. In the womb are we all female? Only if you consider yourself a YOU as an unfertilized egg before fertilization. Once a sperm comes into the equation and makes an actual YOU then it is either male or female. Though during the first few weeks of fetal development, a baby's internal and external genital structures are the same, the organs will eventually change. A baby's gonads will either become testicles or ovaries. The phallus will become either a penis or clitoris and the genital folds will become either scrotum or labia. This all depends on whether testosterone is present. Testosterone will be present in embryos with a Y chromosome, and male sex organs will begin to form. If testosterone is not present, female organs will develop, making females the default sex for people. Remember baby's gender is determined immediately upon fertilization, you will not be able to know the sex until about the sixteenth or eighteenth week of pregnancy but it is determined at conception. At around the sixth week, a baby will develop a small bud called the genital tuber at the site of the genitals. This will look the same for boys and girls until around the ninth week when the sex organs begin to form. By the end of the twentieth week, the external sex organs should be fully formed for both male and female babies. These are theories, so far as Universities are considered, the ones embraced by the feminist movement their teachings are all Foeti are female, until androgens masculinize the XY chromosomes. Fausto-Sterling casts doubt on the science around that, pointing out that Foeti are awash in a bath of hormones from the mother; it is possible that for a female Foetus to feminize properly that the mother's hormones must be present. Of course, the only way to test these hypotheses is to bring a Foetus to term outside of the presence of hormones. Fausto-Sterling uses this idea to cast doubt on the reliability of this theory. Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World By Anne Fausto-Sterling. About 40 years ago the Smithsonian Institution taught the theory, that all fetuses looked like fishes and therefore we were all descended from fishes, now that the feminist movement has taken over the ideas of many Institutions and they are now teaching that all fetuses are female. (See Effeminization Of The Black Male, Also Racist Charles Darwin and the biological theory of evolution).


Man and Woman, Boys and Girls, and or gender are decided at conception. But the gender is not physically apparent until after seven or eight weeks. From this point, the embryo develops easily identifiable gender features. But before this time the embryo and zygote do not start as female, but they are in a neutral state of gender, waiting on the body to be ready for the growth of the sex organs. 

Though the only way to tell gender at this stage would be a genetic test. People do not start as female, and they do not have female organs. It is the presence of chemicals due to the Y chromosome that forms the male organs. This is why we see the body as equality (matter) and or a planet which is matter, and in the universe, all matter takes up space and is in the state of wisdom or water such as the two equalities Earth and Moon or XX.


The growth of every child fetus is constrained by the limited capacity of the mother and placenta to deliver nutrients to it. At birth, boys tend to be longer than girls at any placental weight. Boy's placentas may, therefore, be more efficient than girls' but have less reserve capacity. In the womb, boys grow faster than girls and are therefore at greater risk of becoming undernourished.

Fetal undernutrition leads to small size at birth and cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension, in later life. Boys' greater dependence on their mothers' diets enables them to capitalize on an improved food supply, but it makes them vulnerable to food shortages. See The Barker Theory or for further research also see the American Journal of Biology.


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Also, it will be seen that the necessary planetary correspondences to each of the emanations when arranged latterly will place benefice planets on the Tree to the right, and malefic planets on the Tree to the left. Man himself is both Father and Mother being God he has both manifestations, in the genetic code we see it as XY, while the woman has two of the same sides up and down on Earth and Moon, and we see it as XX. It would thus point to the truth without revealing it, which by their oath they were bound not to do. In all current works upon the Kabbalah, therefore, being copied from older works, we find emanation 2-4-7 constituting the Tree of Good, 3-5-8 the Tree of Evil, and 1-6-9-10 the Tree of Life, the Shekinah, or Pillar of Mildness. The correct diagram is given in Book I ‘The Culture is I-God’, also showing and proving that the man is on the left and his woman on the right, this is why in older traditions we keep the queen on our right or as the original man would call it on the inside, and now you see the light, where it will be seen that as it should be, the even or esoteric numbers are 2-4-8 (Woman) and constitute the right-hand Pillar of the tree, and the exoteric numbers 3-5-7 (Man) constitute the left-hand Pillar of the Tree. The word Elohim translated in Genesis as God has the Father-Mother principle such as when a man is said to have been created in the image of Elohim, Male and Female made He or her. Eloh is the feminine plural and the ending [IM] is a termination for the masculine singular, the two being used together to indicate a feminine potency united to a masculine idea. Throughout the Kabbala, the Ancient teachings considered God, Man, because of his Male and Female genetic code like the Sun. At the same time, his woman was the embodiment of the feminine genetic code like the Earth. This is why the lessons build on her being Earth and Moon and man being the Sun.


Man & Woman


Wisdom Power or a Wise Man's Power; Most Schools In America Start out teaching Evolution with the theory that we all came from fish and then we turned into land animals, and now the new movement to add on to the feminization of the male children by the European Educators, (to those lost in the X, and not seeing the power of Y).

They would teach that all Babies, 


In The Womb Do, We Don't Start As Girls


It's a myth! This started because our gonads are in the abdomen at the beginning of our formation. When the male contributes (23) male chromosome Y the baby will develop into a boy moving his gonads down out of his pelvic area so they could become testicles, this is part of the growth of the male chromosome. If the male contributes the female chromosome X the baby will develop into a female, the gonads are in place already, only needing to grow. Since ovaries are in the abdomen, the feminist movement assumes that we all start as females, this is part of the plan to feminize Asiatic Black Men in the wilderness of North America and the world over. Nevertheless, gender is not determined by the position of the gonads on a zygote. The chromosome, 23 from each parent, sperm male and egg female the sperm is carrying from the male, is what determines our gender as men and women. Fatherhood represents the quality of the seed and the germ. Motherhood using the Earth as a comparison represents the quality of the soil or the earth used to grow plants. A relatively poor, barren soil with a good quality seed produces a fairly good plant, but a defective seed, even though planted in the best of soil, produces nothing. Breeders of animals, especially horse, (dog, cock) breeders, know that the quality of a thoroughbred father goes thru endless generations, even spanning over a chain of indifferent mothers. 

You cannot reason about colors with a man born blind, or can you? 

Is there a necessity to have children outside of the bloodline, in other words not having babies with family members? 

Is it an absolute necessity for people not to inbreed? 

What is a race?

What is inbreeding? 

Is inbreeding natural? 

The European royal family is rapidly disappearing because they cannot continue the generation of males. God, Himself, is both Father and Mother just as man has the male gene Y and the female gene X. The word Elohim, translated in Genesis as God, is Feminine plural Masculin Singular; but the European translators of the Bible, not wishing women to share in anything Divine, have rendered it throughout in the Masculine singular. There is, however, an inadvertent admission of the Father-Mother principle when Adam is said to have been made in the image of Elohim, Male and Female made He them (XY). Hebrew scholars from the Chezz Nation Professor; Komasii TuLuii of the Hebrew Asiatic Chezz Nation, in America say that Eloh is the feminine plural and that the ending Im, is a termination of the masculine plural, the two being used together to indicate a feminine potency united to a masculine idea, therefore, they are Angles or Asiatics from knowledge to bear witness to the Kabbalah and then you see both of this in man on the 10th degree called Malkuth. Throughout the Kabbalah, The Ancient of Days is considered both Male and Female, and the Ten Emanations are divided into 3 positive, 4 neutrals, and 3 negative attributes.