Allah El 



Ancient Order of Free Asiatics

Universal Justice 

Chapter 7

Universal justice is the self-balancing scale of divine judgment built into each righteous man's mind and is measured by proportions of self-knowledge. One man cannot judge another, but each man must search within his own mind, and weigh all facts and circumstances, and find truth through his own judgment or righteousness. The weight of good and evil is never balanced equally in any man; for no man is both good and evil; for their qualities are strangers to each other. The scale must tip one way or the other even unto one grain of discrepancy. A good man who has done evil cannot be compared to an evil man who has done well; for imperfection is the privilege of the that is Asiatic or European and perfection is demanded from he that is perfect, and who is perfect in our midst but Allah. 

Therefore all human judgment is irrelevant to the laws of the universe. So if one man judges another, he judges in error and thereby finds himself in error and subject to the judgment of Allah, who alone is the judge of the universe. And all those who presumptuously put themselves in his (Allah's) place are snakes in his eyesight and a false God unto his beloved people! Which of you dare play Allah?

Civilization through the culture I God, which is truth and righteousness is now prevailing. Falsehood, misrepresentation, unGodliness, false worship, and hate are now being destroyed in order to make room for truth and righteousness. The revealed laws of God Allah by God Allah must be implemented by all nations and people of our planet Earth; for surely the truth shall last, and falsehood shall perish.

How long will it take for falsehood to perish? When and how? Know this: Good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsity cannot exist together, and neither can oil and water mix. Truth is God and falsehood is evil and it has no substance for survival; therefore it must perish, also believers and unbelievers cannot live peacefully together. All unbelieving people have no love and will conquer and destroy for their own selfish ambitions, satisfaction, and greed due to envy. 

Envy and hate are man's worst and most vicious enemies, they do not listen to reason. Man's enemies are ignorance, lack of knowledge wisdom, and understanding; for when you are confronted with these, you will have one and only one alternative and that is to turn to Allah and the Gods for help. 

"Great Mind Allah"


The 23 + 1 = 24 Scientists concerning the secret knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the original man

Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths, who are working night and day for the nation’s children, and peace to Father Allah of the original nation in North America. 

The original man can outthink the colored man with a thought traveling on a magnetic wave of 24 billion miles per second, for the original man is thought, for he created his-self in this galaxy over 100 trillion years ago, yet trillions of years earlier he manifested his-self in other galaxies much the same way we did in this solar system. 

All history and science recorded are predicted by these 23 men, actually, there are 24 of them, these wise men equal Allah the Father, and their power is supreme and righteous. 

Tatu was the one who caused the separation of the Earth and Moon, 66 trillion years ago. This separation came about by a great explosion, the exposed part that is called the Moon today traveled upwards while the earth spinning on her vortex moved down from the moon, not up and down as we see on earth but up and down based on the sun and space. The Earth travels at the speed of 1,037.5 miles per hour on its way around the sun. 

Zara the great mind, producer, and originator of the reading of the sun, moon, and stars, the first Qur’an. This great scientist was able to see down the wheel of time, at one time we measured our time every 35,000 years now we use the 25,000-year cycle of the sun rotating around the Galaxy. 

Lukemen was a great designer for he designed the first holy city of the original man on earth, of course, it is not the same way today. Walah measured the earth mile by mile all 196,940,000 square miles. He taught the original people that the land is earth and is 57,255,000 square miles and that the water-covered three-fourths of the planet earth (139,685,000 square miles of water). Mustafa of the fourth Qur’an taught the babies how to measure sound and light on a wave that is governed by the nine laws of mathematics, that sound travels at 1,120 feet per second on earth, and how the speed of light in a vacuum travels 186,000 miles per second. The great scientist Salaam taught our children the language of Supreme Mathematics the golden tongue of the universe.  

Malah has written the present revelation of our people over 600,000 years ago. The great scientist Dr. Akalah predicted the coming of Noah. Jalah taught the children the science of man and Allah, how and why they are the same and why did Iblis leave the heavens to torment man, he also came to Ezekiel and gave him the vision of the Mother Plane. The great scientist Ahmen named most of the galaxies in the Universe. The scientist Talib taught GrandFather Shabazz how to make people strong and also how to live a jungle way of life so they would be ready for the hell the devil would take us through starting in 1555. Akbar is the one who taught the babies the science of music. Al-Khalifa, Osmen, Shrieff, Khmer, Starmel, Rahmen, Nabar, and Jahcarr along with 12 major scientists and 6 minor ones are those who taught W.D. Fard. 

Names of the 23 Scientists for this 25,000-year Cycle
























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Allah the Father of the '5% Nation Allah's First Nine Were Born In Mecca And His Next Fourteen were Born in Medina, 1 + 9 + 14 = 24)