"Men must want to do things out of their innermost drives. Every civilization depends upon the quality of the individuals it produces. If you over-organize the Nation legalize them suppress their urge to greatness they cannot work and their civilization, order, and or the nation collapses." Peace!

Introduction to Sovereignty

Sovereignty is not something you sign up for, it's not an exclusive club you join where you get benefits, but rather, it is a way you choose to experience life. It is a state of mind. True sovereignty begins with your choice to be free, to be self-reliant, and to take responsibility for your actions. You are born sovereign and then as you enter into various contracts, and private agreements, you unknowingly give up your sovereignty, little by little, until one day you wake up and realize you are a slave. So, stop accepting government-issued benefits, or any so-called benefits that come with a hook to ensnare you into servitude and dependency, and begin to reclaim your natural rights.

Strive to become financially independent. Get out of debt and stay out. Use your creative potential to make money instead of borrowing it from dishonest bankers. If it means lowering your standard of living temporarily so you can start living within your means, that will free your mind to be more creative and eventually help you to achieve a higher and more fulfilling standard. I encourage you to become self-employed. Follow your passions, and express your uniqueness in the marketplace and you'll have the potential to make more money than you ever made before and have more time to spend on more important things in life. When you have more than enough money to support yourself and your family, without being a slave to an employer, or a bank, then you will have obtained financial sovereignty.

With adequate finances at your disposal, you can be free to travel virtually anywhere on the planet if you so choose. If a war breaks out, or if a conflict occurs, or say you get stuck in a natural disaster, you simply move away to someplace else that is more accommodating. If you don't like the weather, with adequate finances you can chase your favorite seasons around the world.

For example, it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Or you can choose a variety of tropical destinations to go to year-round. The freedom to choose your weather is what I call climatic sovereignty. Learn a second language or multiple languages get a second citizenship, expand to multiple nationalities and residencies, explore the world, make it your playground, and achieve global sovereignty. When you stop relying on doctors to heal you and begin to get in touch with your own body and can learn to simply boost your immune system so your body can heal itself, then you will have achieved health sovereignty.

This may be a new concept for some people, but you do have a choice. Sickness starts as a disease of the emotional body or energy body, which exists outside the physical body as an energy distortion or blockage, and then if not dealt with will eventually manifest as a physical ailment, and if still not dealt with may become a chronic or terminal condition. If you have a bad attitude about life, don't manage stress very well, and have lots of unresolved emotional issues then your immune system will be more taxed and your body more likely to be in a state of disease. So, your health is your responsibility and once you fully decide to make it such, you will no longer be a sucker for the pharmaceutical companies who have no desire to cure you of anything; and why should they when it is your responsibility, to begin with.

Another important area is energy dependency. If you are like most people you have been led to believe that you must run your car on gasoline or diesel, that you must buy electricity from the power company, and that you must use heating oil, propane, or natural gas to heat your home. Once again, dependency on these fuels makes you a slave to them. Many viable alternatives already exist that you can employ to gain greater energy independence or energy sovereignty. When you stop relying on others to tell you how to have a relationship with God when you can go directly to God by whatever means you choose, without dogma, or power games, then that my friend is spiritual sovereignty. Overall, sovereignty can take on many different shapes and sizes but understand that sovereignty is not something you achieve once, only to forget about later like hanging a college diploma on your wall to collect dust. Sovereignty is a daily practice and ongoing responsibility of the highest magnitude. Every choice you make will help you foster greater sovereignty or greater servitude. This realization will help you to be miles ahead of the game as restrictions on your liberties increase to the degree that someday you won't be able to use the toilet without first asking permission from the Europeans.

So consider this: What will you do when the day comes to buy food, fuel, medicine, see a doctor, borrow money, open a bank account, enter a federal building, board an airplane, train, or cruise ship, etc., that your identity won’t first have to be verified through your driver's license Federal ID, your social security account number, a retina scan, and eventually a clever little microchip that will be implanted under your skin? For convenience and easy tracking, of course, it does not come to that if you and the majority of everybody else simply say no and become more self-reliant. Your well-being, your freedom, your sovereignty, and your very future are your responsibility and it comes about by the choices you make starting today, not next week or next year. It must start today! On this website, there are alternative resources that can help you reclaim your sovereignty in a variety of ways. I recommend that you look through the various pages and when you feel a feeling in your gut about an item (an impulse) that is a message that you are on target to reclaim that aspect of your sovereignty. These resources will act as tools to assist you. But know that only you can reclaim your sovereignty, nobody else can do it for you. Keeping that in mind, I encourage you to choose the highest path for your well-being, and it's my sincere hope that one or more of the resources we offer will help you to obtain the level of sovereignty you are striving for in your physical life and thereafter.