Allah El

Understanding All Varieties Of The Asiatic Nations 

Chapter 3

The date 1914 ace was the end of 6,000 years that was given to the old world of Europeans to rule the original man.

Understanding all the varieties of the Asiatic Nations, also the racial doctrines, as they exist today, indeed they furnish a paradox that exceeds any of the extravagances of the best historians.

For instance, the Europeans have dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini, openly saying that race is a fraud but cynically using it to unite their European brothers and sisters. At the same time the democratic nation, which called itself a Republic, while condemning Fascist and Nazi doctrines, and proclaiming equal justice for all was using race as a fetish to keep their citizens and subjects divided. European-Americans are set against Asiatics (African-Americans) by the authorities under the name of law in those times. 

The children of Earth began as a single family, and the family circle widened and widened until it broke into segments, and with that come the children, and the illusion that the segments of his offspring were not any longer a part of the foundation, or their true mothers and fathers, the original man and woman. 

The Second World War began as a fire set by Fascist looters in an African country (Abyssinia) and then spread into the European countries where the Fascist and Nazis had more to loot on the surface. 

The name Adolf Hitler, his purpose, world domination, it is a matter of common knowledge that Hitler copied very carefully the American's racial tactics in his country back in the times of World War II. All we need do is look at the racial discrimination in the United States and we will see that the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan are very much alike. The American people are not governed by realities but by myths. At one time, the American Slave owners would say that the semen of the Black man is as Black as his face. These teachings were taught by the English, American, and German writers of that day and time, yet the European woman would say, I disagree with the teachings of the European and European-Americans for it is as white as the other races. 

Scientists, who would not dream of classifying dogs, cats, Tigers, or any other animal according to color, claim to see in the color of the skin of people something so important as to warrant establishing separate and distinct races such as; Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White. For 379 years the European have been dinning Race into the ears of the Asiatics and Europeans. They have written so many books on the subject, they could fill up a three-family house without any room to get in or out of any of the rooms. Books such as; The Superior Race, Inferior Race, Pure Race, High-bred, Heaven-sent, born to command, racial messiahs rose to prominence in the world, etc. The great author J.A. Rogers writes how Beethoven, whom the Europeans teach that he was a white man, was a Moor. Remember Europe is less than twenty miles from Africa. The Africans, such as but not limited to, Moors, Asiatics, Cushites, Khemites, etc., were the conqueror of Europe more than four times before 1453. Remember this everyone has two parents, four grandparents, and eight great-grandparents. The original man has been on this planet for over 66,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

The first attempt to found a doctrine of race, based on physical appearance, came with the introduction of the slaves in 1555 ace in the Caribbean. According to the story of Creation, in the Bible 1611 KJV, the three people in the Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, and Cain, and Cain ended up getting a wife from the land of Nod. These are the pre-Adamites people, and the pre-Adamites could be no one other than the Original man, the Asiatic Black man of Asia, that is, people who had self-creation, and or came before the Adamites. When we look at the Bible, in teachings of the true words of God, there could be no doubt, whatever, that the people of the land of Nod were Asiatic Black people.

Note: Ancient African story goes that, all men were originally Black like the night sky, but then Cain killed his brother, Abel and God shouted at him, Cain was so frightened by the sound of God's voice, that he turned White as a cloud on a sunny day and his features shrunk up, making him the first White man.   

Do your best to try to remember what happened to you from conception through to your physical birth and until you were about two or three years old and you will understand what the European is up against when he tries to unravel what happened in the conception and infancy of the original man, trillions of years ago. My brothers and sisters remember that at one time in American history, Tobacco and cotton were needed in Virginia, Tobacco was the currency in Virginia at one time in the history of the country none today as the United States of America, the European – American was farming and selling the Tobacco to Europe and they were not succeeding very well, with growing, farming or selling the Tobacco in Europe or the so-called new world. By then Black-men were being imported to do the work of planting and growing Tobacco and Cotton, they may have been unwilling but they were very capable workers. Had the Asiatic Blackman been an incompetent and unwilling worker, he would never have gotten such a very bad name as was given by the Europeans, the Blackman’s assimilability caused the slaveholders to invent the doctrine of inferiority to keep him down, in America, the European could buy a Blackman but by 1668 ace, a law was passed to prevent the original man from buying any Europeans, so if every Asiatic Blackman were on the plantation what need would be for such a law? Both Science and the Bible agree that the original man came out of Africa. They also agree that man, the original, originated in the tropics because, in that type of environment food, clothing and shelter were most easy to obtain. Even the Garden of Eden was in India, Africa, and Persia. 

The people of the region called Mesopotamia and India were very dark-skinned people, for tropical man is never European (Pink). He is most often very dark, with a flat nose, woolly hair, and very pronounced jaws. Most if not all of the ancient skulls so far discovered are of the Original Asiatic Blackman. Increasingly the European are informing their people in scientific circles that the Asiatic Blackman is the ancestor of the race of people on this planet. The Asiatic Blackman is even more ancient than Caucasian or Mongolian man is. The Asiatic Blackman is the earliest to develop of the so-called five races, some would say that the Tasmanian Blackman is the first man to roam the earth. Recent discoveries indicate that the Asiatic Blackman preceded the European and Chinese everywhere on the planet earth and that the Asiatic Black people introduced their culture all over the world, 600,000 to 800,000 years before the European came out of the caves of Europe.

Note: See Man rises to Parnassus, and Environment and Race

The Abyssinian people teach that they were the first men that ever were in the world and to prove this they have clear demonstrations. For they are natives of the African country and not strangers that came to settle there. Those that inhabit the southern parts of Africa were the first living men that sprang out of the earth. The heat of the sun exhaled the moisture of the earth in the production of all things, and influenced it with a quickening virtue, they say, it is rational to conclude that those places nearest the sun should have been the first parents of the planet earth. European man is an African man changed by the effects of Mr. Yacub. The old story that the European lost his pigmentation because he went up north to the cold from Africa does not work anymore with the youth of today, for we ask ourselves then what happen to the Eskimos, for they have lived in the dark and cold for a long time and do not look like the European. Again, the Ethiopians, both in shade and hair, and in features, show more in common with the so-called African – American, yet are classed by the ethnologists as white, a fact that the Ethiopians resent. The Asiatic Blackman is the founder of the earliest Khemians civilizations. Just look at the pictorial features of Ramases II with that of Mtesa, and they look remarkably the same. The Pharaohs of the 10th dynasty are from the Asiatic Blackman, the European stated that the X dynasty was from the Galla type and that is clearly known today as Black people. The Asiatic features have not changed in hundreds of Millions of years, even after the European colonizers moved us from our homelands, all over the earth. Let us look at the word circumcision and we see that the Abyssinians and Khemians are one of the only nations to have practiced circumcision from the earliest of times. The Abyssinians are the founders of the Khemian civilization. The original people of earth are the first to give religion to the world. The Asiatic Blackman knew the use of iron centuries before the Europeans. The earliest known people of Italy are the Asiatic Blackman, as was said, thus making the base of the Latin race Asiatic, now you see why we said half originals in Spain and Italy. Rome nor Khemet as well as Greece had no distinctions based on the shade of the skin, her extensive literature reveals none, and Rome’s attempt at a color line begins with Mussolini thousands of years after the fall of Rome. Hannibal and his African troops brought a great deal of Asiatic Black blood into the roman population. For fifteen years, they dominated the Romans from the Alps to Naples. Hannibal, himself, was a full-blooded African with woolly hair, as his coins will show. His wife was a half-original from Spain. Hebrews originated in Africa, not Europe, for the Jew is a European that has taken on the culture and creed of the Asiatic Black Hebrews.