Ancient Order of Free Asiatics

Blue Book

Neophyte Questions For Free Asiatics

 1.  Who created you? Self!
 2.  Who is Allah? Allah is the Master Architect.
 3.  Can we see Him? Yes. The all-seeing eye; third eye (Mind/Man).
 4.  What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a thought of Allah manifested in the flesh.
 5.  What does Noble Drew Ali born? 120 degrees.
 6.  Where is the quiet, quiet voice? In the MIND.
 7.  What is the duty of an Asiatic? To teach knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
 8.  Who is the founder of LIGHT? Allah.
 9.  What year was the NGE founded? 1964.
10. Where? The North Gate.
11. Where was the original man born? In the MIND.
12. What is your nationality? Asiatic.
13. What is your race? The pale person is in a race with time.
14. Why are we Asiatic? Because the planet earth is Asia and when we first founded this planet we knew Asiatic.
15. For what purpose was, the 5% Nation founded? For the uplifting and teaching of the fallen people.
16. What is our religion? The original man submits to no religion.
17. What is our culture? I-God.
18. How old is the Original man? Older than the Sun, Moon, and Stars.
19. Do we fly a banner or flag? A flag.
20. What are our signs and symbol? The Sun, seven, Moon, and Star.
21. Which is our Holy Day? Holy is something that has not been mixed diluted or tampered with.
22. Why? Because they are planets.
23. Who is Ruth? Ruth is an Asiatic Black woman.
24. What is the name man? God!
25. Where was the Asiatic Black Peoples Empire? Earth.
26. What is the modern name for Amexem? America!
27. What does the name Jesus mean? Justice.
28. How long is the River Nile in miles? 4,690 miles long.
29. What are Angels used for? To carry messages to the four corners of the world.
30. Where did Jesus teach? Asia-minor, Europe, and India.
31. What is TRUTH? Aught.
32. What is AUGHT? Allah.
33. Where was the moon 66 trillion years ago? In the Pacific Ocean.
34. Where is the Garden of Eden? The Asiatic women.
35. Where is the new Canaan? Amexem or West Asia.
36. What is the name of the Garden of Eden? Wisdom/Equality.
37. Are Adam and Eve your Father and Mother? Emphatically, No!
38. Are you human? No! For I am the original people of Earth!
39. Can an Asiatic be humankind? They Are Original, the first people on the planet.
40. What are the modern names for the Angels? Asiatics, Man, Woman & Child.
41. What is the shade of their skin? Olive (Ripen).
42. Are the Asiatics any relation to those Angels? Yes, we have the same Fathers and Mothers.
43. How many selves are there? Asiatic, Asia is the body and the Attic is the Mind.
44. Who represents the higher self? The Original People.
45. What person represents the lower self? Those we ran out of the Holy City (Off Your Planet) and those who teach their teachings.
46. Can the higher self pass away? No!
47. Why? Because that is Man.
48. What is the lower self? Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Theft, and Murder.
49. Who is the European? He is a shadow of our lower self.
50. Who is Muhammed of Mecca? A Prophet!
51. What is Byzantine? See 1453 AD.
52. What does the European call us? Negro, Black, Colored, and Ethiopian.
53. Why Are you Black? See the First Degree in the 1-10.
54. Why? See the First Degree in the 1-40.
55. Why? Because the original man is God.
56. What does Ethiopia mean? Divided and or burnt face people, and that name was given to us by the Greeks.
57. Will you define the word Colored. See the 2nd degree in the 1-10.
58. Who was King David? The son of Jesse.
59. Who was Solomon? Sol Om On.
59. Who is your Father? Allah! '1964-1969'
60. When will we be as one? When we as Asiatic Black People come together. (One=3+4=7).
61. Is the Devil made or created? Made.
62. How many degrees do you have? 360 degrees.
63. Can You Tell me about the name Elohim? See Gematria.
64. Who is Jesse?  The son of Obed.
65. Who is Obed? The son of Boaz, of the tribe of Judah.

These Neophyte Questions were asked by a Moor and answered by Divine 39 Allah.
Advance Questions for Neophytes

 1. Why are you wearing that emblem? I was raised to wear it.
 2. I see you are a traveling man (Asiatic), do you travel alone? No good man (Asiatic) ever travels alone.
 3. You are a carpenter, I see? Yes, I am building a spiritual Temple.
 4. What country is your mother from? Asia!
 5. Have you ever had your shoes off? Yes, I was barefoot when I was in the Holy of Holies.
 6. You Do look like you might have a Pot of Incense. I have a grateful heart.
 7. An initiatory ceremony is symbolic of what? A mathematical rebirth.
 8. What pieces of furniture do you have in your house? Bible, Qur’an, Compasses, Square, and 120.
 9. How are the lights placed in your house? Candles are in the East, West, and South, the Star is in the North.
10. What seaport was the timber for the temple brought from? Joppa.
11. What is a quadrant? The 4th part of the circumference of a circle.
12. How many pillars did you encounter as Asiatic Black Man? Seven.
13. What did the Higher self say to the Lower self at one time when He met Him? Where are you going Satan?
14. What was the answer that the Lower-self gave to the Higher-self? 'I am going to and fro the earth seeking whom I may devour.
15. When was the legend Hiram Abiff introduced into Speculative Masonry? Between 1723 to 1729, more likely 1725.
16. Who took the light from Africa into Europe? Asiatic Black People!
17. Who dealt with the worst form of slavery ever recorded in human history? England, France, and America.
18. Who is Set? One of the members of the company of the Gods of Annu.
19. Who is Nu? Father of the Gods and begetter of the great company of the Gods and Nut is the female principle of Nu (His Wisdom).
20. The Question is Meat? It is thought to be safer to eat animals that eat vegetables rather than to eat animals that eat animals.
21. What about the swine, pig, and pork? The hogs are labeled as highly unsafe and unclean to eat. Worms found in hogs are difficult to destroy. In general, all animal corpses are contaminated and bacteria-infested.
22. What about cooked flesh? This speeds up the putrefaction process. It is the putrefied, decayed flesh, blood, waste, and pus, which gives meat its delicious taste.
23. Does adrenaline poison the flesh? Animals secrete adrenaline into their bodies as a reaction to the fear caused by the slaughterhouse.
24. Why did Muhammed go to Mecca? To save all men women children.
25. What happened on Mount Zion? Solomon built his temple, King David sang his psalms; Jesus of Nazareth walked and Muhummed was wafted one night by the Archangel Gabriel that he might ascend from there to visit paradise.
26. What does Abyssinia mean? An immeasurable depth of your inner self. A former name of Ethiopia.

Crown or Fez

The Fez is a derivation of the base of the Aaku-t Khufu. Three hundred and sixty degrees is a circle; the circle has no beginning nor end. It is infinite; it is the sign of perfection. The Fez is the perfect headdress. The dimension and geometry of the Fez are perfect mathematics. When we were born Supreme Mathematics, we know that the Aaku-t Khufu are perfect structures. The Aaku-t Khufu is symbolic of the Temple of perfected man a temple that can never be destroyed. All the answers are within SELF.

The Fez is the universal crown of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and is internationally recognized as such. The Fez contains a world of significant symbolism for those who understand and are conscious of what it represents. The history of this majestic crown starts with it originally being white. The oppressive powers put the Asiatics into a pit of lions unless they would denounce the first true and divine creed for the redemption of the Asiatics, which is Islam. The lions ripped them apart because they had been eating the flesh of the animals.

The only thing left of the Asiatics was the fez, stained with blood, from that day on the Asiatics used the White, Red, and Black Fez or as it was called in those days the Hi-Rom.

The top of the fez is flat. It stands for the uncompleted portion of the Pyramid (Aaku-t Khufu). The tassel represents the cable used to raise the capstones on top of the Aaku-t Khufu, or it may also represent the imperial potentate who is assigned to finish the job. The shade of the tassel signifies the unseen reason why the job was left unfinished.

Under the head of the wearer is the vault where the treasures of science are preserved.

The red fez represents the skill and wisdom of the man who erected the Pyramid (Aaku-t Khufu). The black fez represents the chief protectors of the jewels and treasures inside the pyramid.

Equally important, the fez is symbolic of the halo. It is the same halo that lingers above the Cheribums' and Seraphim's heads.

The fez is the official headdress of the men in the Asiatic Nation.

The history of the turban can be found in Joshua Chapter 2 and Judges Chapters 13 and 17.

Such is the significance of King Solomon's crown; Fez indicated that as Master of the Temple he is the anointed one.