Name Amendment

Chapter 19



Wherein (name) Asiatic Natural, Sovereign in North, South, and Central Amexem (Americas), hereby declares his/her Nationality with all rights guaranteed under the Constitution for the United States herein says.


Heretofore identified as:                         , hereupon this affidavit I am:                 , Asiatic, Original, Indigenous, Natural Sovereign, Being.


Whereupon, claiming my Nationality, Name Amendment, and Title without due process of the United States courts, according to:"


The Asiatic Constitution Article 2 and Amendment II, Section two.


The Constitution for the United States Article 3, Section 2, also Amendments 5 and nine.


United Nations Indigenous People's number 215/93.


Original Asiatic Society of Philadelphia and the use of their names. (See Resolution number 75, April 17, 1933)


Therefore, herein claims a lawful entry of Notification for Nationality, Name Amendment, and Title.


Forsooth, naught, nunc pro tunc, under penalty of perjury, as provided by 28 USCA 1746 Section one, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.