Ancient Order of Free Asiatics



Who Is That Mystery God
Chapter 16

What concepts do 85% have of God?

Who and what is God to the 5% Nation?

What ideas do the 10% have about God?

What do the Gods have to say about who and what is God?

Why does the 5% Nation teach that the Asiatic Black Man is God?

The 85% see God as a Deity that is not either solid, liquid, or gas, this God has the power to control the universe and an all-seeing eye that knows all and sees all.

This has been taught to everyone in the church by all the church fathers and mothers all over the world.

Do the bloodsuckers of the poor also teach their children this concept of God?

The ninth degree in the one through forty states; why does the devil teach the 85% that a mystery God brings all of this?

Also in the tenth degree of the same lesson, it states; who is that mystery, God?

If we look at the eleventh degree in that same work, you will find that it states; will you set up a home and wait for a mystery God to bring you food?

For the answer look in the eighth degree of the one thru forty for it states; all that above is caused by the Son Of Man.

This would make me think of: (“as above so below, as below so above”) 

What is the duty of a civilized person?

If a civilized person does not perform his duty, what must be done?

And what is the meaning of civilization?

The person or people that can and do answer those questions teach that the original man is the Asiatic Black man. 

In Allah’s 5% Nation, his children who are the Gods and Earths also Moons and Stars, teach that the original people are the Asiatic Black people.

God is the Supreme Being that manifested the Energy and combined it with the matter.

The names of God change as time moves on and motion is being made.

Man is Mind and the Mind is the All in all, man is not the body nor the soul for man is the mind, the body is just a form of matter that man used to teach on the physical plane.

Man manifests his body with Air, Water, Earth, and Fire then he can stay in the body.

There is no mystery God! The original people searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and was unable to find this so-called mystery God.

So if we looked for trillions of years then we looked all over the cosmos, inner and outer space, and we concluded that we would lose no more time searching for that, which does not exist.

The Universe is physical and the atom looks just like the solar system.

The one-cell animal has intelligence this has been shown and proved by many scientists the world over.

The cells are made manifest from Atoms this is matter and it takes up space.

The cells are very complex as they unite chemically to form the body.

In time the body will return to the independent Atoms, yet the atom is alive and has intelligence.

There will never be an old bearded man on a throne in space waving his magic wand over us all.

The original man is the Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, (Supreme) Head.

The solar system looks just like the Atom! One is equal to three hundred and sixty degrees, and a cipher is three hundred and sixty degrees. 

Teach the babies the truth about the Asiatic Black man, woman, and child, tell all the history that there is about them, and this will take forever.

We are not Blind, Deaf, and Dumb anymore. We ask the devil and the 10%, who is that mystery, God?

The reason we ask this question is that; proper education always corrects errors!

What Makes The Grass Green

The moon goes thru four complete stages, or changes, first we have a full moon then we get the first quarter moon, then we have the half-moon and then the third-quarter moon.

The moon then turns Black for all of 3.5 days.

During this period the moon is very hard to see with the naked eye, it is a period of rest for the moon from reflecting the light of the sun.

After 3.5 days passes by on earth the moon is visible again as she reflects the light of the sun again, and she becomes a full moon.

Let us look at the 3.5 days and see the 3.5 years WD Fard taught Elijah Muhammed.

The culture of the earth is spring, summer, fall, and winter, (Supreme Mathematics) through the 3.5 months of winter, plants and some animals sleep in the northern and southern hemispheres, the earth is at rest on these two points, yet the equator is very active.

This is symbolic of the 400 years of bondage in the hands of the Americans, yet we fought tooth and nail for our freedom, and that the original people are under even today.

The spring months are the beginning of the new year in the Asiatic world.

Our women are the wisdom that would never go dry, they are the two equalities earth and moon, this is why she has the same stages as the planet earth, therefore she is Mother Earth in all her order and chaos.

The sun and the earth make the grass green (Man and Woman bring about an understanding Baby).

Plants and animals go through stages such as; Seed, Womb or Earth, breaking ground or coming out of the womb, for a baby to learn how to walk and the plant firsts see the sunlight, all along the water is the life in the womb of a woman and the earth. We live in and on mother earth!

The color green is also the color of growth, spring, renewal, and rebirth. When the grass is brown it needs water and/or sunlight.

Mr. Yacub used Black, Brown, Yellow, and White!

There are 16 shades of Black, 8 shades of brown, and 8 shades of Yellow, the colored man has his major colors and they are Blond (Yellow) hair, Brown (hair), Blue (eyes), Red (hair), Green (eyes), he turns red in heat and blue in cold.

The Asiatic people are; Black, Brown, Red,  and Yellow, and the European are Pink, we all are the people of the planet earth, everything that breaths air (oxygen or carbon monoxide) is part of the cycle of life directly, other forms of the earth are indirectly a part of the cycle of life.

The numbers of each blade of grass are the numbers of the stars in the universe, just like the original people make up the greater numbers but the European has you thinking that your numbers are smaller than his numbers, by separating the Asiatic people, all the things he has taught you about your self could never be true.

We are the grass and he lives off the grass, if we stop feeding him he would leave and go away looking for grass in other areas, if we all stop feeding him he would not be the ruler anymore. We are the river that he drinks from and the apples from the tree he eats, all we need to do is stop feeding him and he will be no more.

Allah the Father of the 5% Nation, appeared in the wilderness of North America to his 5% Nation.

He raised his children from a dead state to a living perpendicular standing on the square of life (The culture I-7 see 90 degrees) with keys to the doors of freedom, Justice, and Equality.

This is why we teach that the original man is the maker and the owner of the planet earth, and the original people will rise to the top as the cream rises to the top of the cup.

The original people are the fathers and mothers of civilization and the European are our offspring! If you will study history without the Europeans, you will find this to be true, you will find that he has changed history so it would appear that he is the father of civilization, but this a false teaching my brothers and sisters.

This is a message to the original people of the earth, for we do not know who we are, (in this world or the next) but the proof is all around you in life and nature, peace.