Five Percent Nation



Five Percent Nation


Divine39A received Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, 120 Lessons, and 12 Jewels on March 14, 1983!


 1. Words are wind, they cannot hurt you!


 2. All men lie when they are afraid. Some tell many lies, some but a few. Some have only one great lie they tell so often that they almost come to believe it...though some small part of them will always know that it is a lie, and that will show up on their many faces.


 3. The person who takes every opportunity to pick on others is often mistakenly called sadistic. In reality, this person is a misdirected masochist who is working towards his or her destruction. The reason a person viciously strikes out against people is that they are afraid of you or something, or what you represent, or are resentful of your happiness. 


 4. On Saturday night, I would see men and women lusting after each other (half-naked girls dancing) as if they were at the carnival, and on Sunday mooring when the organ was being played for the show at the tent with the Evangelists, I would see these same men and women sitting in the pews with their husbands and wives and children, asking that mystery God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. The next Saturday they'd be back at the Bar or some other place of indulgence (clubs). I knew then that the Christian Church thrived on hypocrisy, and that man's carnal nature will come out no matter how much it is purged or scoured by any so-called white light religion.


 5. Some religions go so far as to label anyone who belongs to a religious sect other than their own a heretic, even though the overall doctrines and impressions of Godliness are nearly the same. For example, The Catholics believe the Protestants are doomed to Hell simply because they do not belong to the Catholic Church. In the same way, many splinter groups of the Christian faith, such as the Evangelical or Revivalist Churches, believe the Catholics worship graven images. (Christ is depicted in the image that is most physiologically akin to the individual worshipping him, and yet the Christians criticize so-called heathens for the worship of graven images) and in the Christian churches, the Jews have always been given the Devil's name for the death of Christ.


 6. While on Earth, all of our bodies absorb a certain amount of energy from the sun, our local star. Each sun gives off a fairly specific type according to its exact age and size. I've also learned to expect all kinds of things from people in the long-term process called conquest. See Aqueos - Aqueous - (Oudvrou)


 7. Much to the dismay of the Vatican, a 1,500 - 2,000-year-old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara. Discovered and kept secret in the year 1 of the Church about 2000 years ago, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas - a disciple of Christ - which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God in the way the Church teaches, but that he was and is a Prophet. The book also calls Apostle Paul, The Impostor. The book teaches that Jesus ascended to heaven alive and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place. The book itself is written with gold lettering, onto loosely tied leather in Aramaic, the language that was spoken in the time of Jesus Christ. The text contradicts the New Testament's teachings of Christianity. Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhummed, who would find Islam 700 years later. (See The Green Books) 


 8. During the Council of Nicaea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the Gospels that form the Bible as we see it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas, among many others in favor of the four canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially seems to worry the Vatican. See Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner: Reckless Enragement


 9. The strong have always taken from the weak during the time of the rule of the Europeans, they also made slaves out of the conquered people, it makes no matter what they would say; their men could not defend them, so now they are ours to do with as we will.


10. What a man can do and what a man will do are two different things.


11. When the snows fall in winter and the winds blow the snow off the mountains, the lone wolf dies, but the packs survive.


12. The word Semite was used in 1847 ace, (This word was never used in Ancient Times) made up of nationalities such as; Jew, Arab, Assyrian, Aramaean, from Semita, from the word Sem or Shem, one of the three sons of Noah see Gen. 21-30, regarded as the ancestor of the Hebrews. Another made-up word in 1813 of the languages thru 1826 of persons, is from a German word Semitic was first used by the German Historian August Schlosser, in 1781, he claim-jumped the language groups that include but not limited to Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian, etc., this the colonizer did to portray your Ancient Ancestors (my Asiatic Black Brothers and Sisters), to look as if to appear that they are of Edescentn decent and not Africa's children of Ancient time.


13. Another word used to identify White people is Caucasian.

Caucasians started being used by Europeans in 1795 by the German philosopher Christoph (Meiners), in his book called The Outline of History of Mankind. Europeans when they first left Mecca (See General Monk Monk) they went into the caves of the Caucasus Mountain region. The concept of Race did not exist in ancient times. We as a people (Asiatic Black People) recognized that there were different types of people but they weren't seen as being of different species of Earthlings or we would not be able to produce offspring together which as we all know we can and do. There are only three people on earth, man, woman, and child. The idea of race was created around the time and date of 1555 ace in tandem with the slave trade. The safe trade was a capitalist endeavor, and it was also big business and big money. Most of the countries participating in the slave markets were Christian. The Europeans used the concept of superior and inferior races to justify enslaving the Africans from Africa and the Africans that were in the Americas before the European arrived in the so-called New World. They reasoned that the Blacks are the earliest races and are primitive and they being the latter was the most advanced, therefore the superior of all the nations of the earth, also that Blacks being the earliest of the earthlings closer to the apes, using Darwin's Theories to come up with this ideology of the origins of man. (The only people who were considered White in the United States, until the height of the slave trade were, WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Many southern Europeans are not considered to be pure White because they intermingled with Africans in Ancient times. Romans and Greeks never refer to themselves as White people or as Europeans.


14. According to the Ancient worlds, in the year 24,896 Asiatic Calendar when we had a 35,000-year cycle, the Elder Gods, moved by twin baby boys' unyielding joy, shed a tear from which this wisdom brought forth the infant Age. God taught his son the science of life, then one day on his 18th name day he left as if to put him outside of the kingdom, to show and prove all he had learned on the science of life. Searching for facts 'Age' journeyed into the mind and an inner path to the light of his-self. After this 'Age' he traveled across the Earth for 120 years, on a journey living in each area for one year. Then he did the knowledge to the Sun, Moon, and Stars in the Universe. He then freed himself from the physical body conscious of the soul and mind. 'Age' then recorded all his discoveries in a book of life. For millennia, 'Age' taught and protected the Earths of the universe for millennia, pulling flesh around his consciousness at will. He witnessed the coming together of Stars and Galaxies. He helped these planets prosper, in particular, our Earth, he tutored early chemists and scientists and aided them in the development of kingdoms, some would say cities much greater than those places such as Atlantis. 


15. Without Life-Force our shells are simply objects inhabiting the Universe, performing ceremony corpse disposal, this is what people do. So much about who we are revolving around appearance and pedigree. What group or groups do we belong to? The Europeans ask the questions of who is superior and inferior. But in the end, we each go the way of all Flesh, into dust.


16. A Central Bank, known as the Federal Reserve, is private and internationally owned by a few elite banking families who control the Asiatic People the world over, through money manipulation that occurs unchallenged and has for over 379 years.


17. A Visit to the Slavery Museum anywhere in the country, will tell how the legacy of slavery Is linked to white racism today.


18. Hemp is considered one of the world's most nutritious plants. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids making them an ideal source of protein for vegans and raw foodists. The essential fatty acids are abundant in hemp seeds and come in a ratio that is highly beneficial to Asiatics and humans alike. Magnesium, iron, and potassium are in good supply along with fiber. Some of hemp seed's supply of antioxidants comes from its vitamin E content.


19. Darren Wilson is a common man with a forgettable face and build; he is elevated by his police uniform, badge, and gun into someone who “matters.” This is the greatest power of the police uniform the ability to transform a small man into someone important. When asked about his deadly encounter with Michael Brown, Darren Wilson told ABC that he “has a clean conscience” and no regrets. Wilson’s confidence in his deeds is a sign of sociopathy. Wilson’s comments on ABC and his grand jury testimony are evidence of his racism and a  casual disregard for the lives of black people. 


20. White peoples express the belief that Michael Brown was a “Giant Negro,” a “Demon” with Super-Human speed and strength who grunted like a feral beast and possessed the ability to resist bullets. In an investigation and jury process riddled with impropriety, conflicts of interest, and corruption, most black people saw this coming in the form of the release of the cop and cops who shoot Black People. Police officer Darren Wilson is a monster; he is also the mundane and day-to-day face of European English colonizer's (White) supremacy as experienced by people of the Asiatic Nations such as Black, Brown, and Red in the United States.


21. Darren Wilson, who is a monster, is the European English American embodiment of an institutionally racist society that devalues the lives of Asiatic Black, and Brown People the world over. The criminal justice system is one of the primary means through which (White) European Supremacy is maintained, furthered, and enacted. Wilson, like many millions of fellow cops, is a mere cog in a system of institutional racism and (White) European Supremacy. Dismantling centuries-long racist social norms, for so-called White people, with their bureaucracies and laws is a far more difficult task than Martin Luther King Jr. could have ever known but Malcolm X talked about all time in his speeches.


22. The mundane truth that Wilson “was just doing his job” of enforcing a European White Supremacist Racial Order when he killed the unarmed Michael Brown, is a constant in European American History. In the United States, the police departments can trace their origins to the slave patrols whose job was to intimidate, bully, capture, and if necessary kill Asiatic Black POWs (slaves) who dared to flee the plantation and forced servitude. Police were the strong-arm paramilitary forces of Jim and Jane Crow and its system of racial terrorism.

After the end of the formal slavery regime in 1865, African Americans were subjected to imprisonment in POW (slave) labor camps under the convict lease system, through which European American (White) industrialists and the States benefited from stolen labor. During the age of Obama, Africans, Black, and Brown are subjected to racist (and unconstitutional) stop-and-frisk harassment searches by police in the cities of the USA. 


23. As Michelle Alexander and others have documented, the American criminal justice system is racist and class-biased at every level from the initial police encounter through to trial and parole. As Yale University’s Vesla Weaver has demonstrated in her work on “custodial citizenship,” Black Americans who are innocent of committing any crimes are much more likely to be stopped and harassed by police than white Americans who are actual criminals.


24. Darren Wilson received hundreds of thousands of dollars in blood money from White America. White America and its racist paranoia translate Black flesh into financial security for all of White America. The nature of that transaction is central to American political, economic, and social history. 

By design, the privileges of White America are a bubble that allows its owners and participants to live in a fantasy world of their own making. Research suggests that even when white people are made aware that the criminal justice system is racist against Asiatic Black people, their support for those policies remains intact. 

White American support for a racist criminal justice system is a function of a deeply held belief system that the so-called Black Men are a unique race of criminals and a profound threat to European American (White) society. Here, the rights of all Earthlings black and brown people are made secondary to the Colonizers (White Peoples) racial paranoia and old-fashioned bigotry drummed up by the Europeans since before 1555 ace. 

Who made up Racism and its quotidian and violence against the so-called Black People?

Racism is the product of so-called White America, drunk on law-and-order fantasies, with a deep historical and cultural bias toward Black People’s reality.

The so-called White Cops are the guard dogs for (Europeans) White America. White America worships them (the Police) as public servants who are there to protect and serve, the children of the colonizers.

25. Peace! From what I read you neither have any knowledge of self, science nor biology. As far as a science there are two things I want to say: 

1) Your (European-Americans) post is misleading scientifically and, 

2) Even if you were right that doesn't mean everyone is female. 

Now let us go into the science of racism and the feminist movement. As far as I can see you are misleading the people with the ideas such as but not limited to, your statement of us all being female in the womb. 

Zygotes are the early development of men or women, they are not all female. 

Zygotes contain the sexual characteristics of both parents (XX for females, and YX for males).

There is no predominant sexual characteristic in the zygote as I said earlier, a sexual determination is based on whether there is YX (boy) or XX (girl).

For the first seven weeks, the fetus is undifferentiated and the only examination of the chromosomes will indicate the sex. 

Sexual characteristics begin to be seen when the androgens also called androgenic hormones or tested begin to act upon the fetus, this shows the sexual characteristics, which shows the sexual distinction between males and females at the visual level, but as was stated earlier we are male or female from the start of the pregnancy even before the egg attaches itself to the uterus wall after the sperm and egg become as one, before that the egg is dormant and the sperm is active.

Her body pushes the egg around if it is not made active by the male sperm, and we call this a period, and the blood flows every 28 days in her womb.

As some research has indicated a fetus' with one 'X' chromosome and no hormonal triggering from the male chromosome 'Y' or 'X' developers, as science teaches: "then the fetus will not develop into male or female" and she will have a period. 

Now to answer your nipple question! Nipples on un-nursing males are byproducts of the X gene from the male chromosome. 

In embryonic development men and women have similar tissues and body parts.

That is why nipples are present in both sexes. It is the effect of the genes, the Y chromosome or X chromosome from the Father, and the testosterone hormones that cause the changes in the embryo. Testosterone promotes the growth of the Penis and Testicles in males, Nipples and Breast tissues in men have no function except for protecting the heart and lungs from injuries.

Now that I've proven you wrong can you please do us the favor of not posting inaccurate scientific information? Are you trying to confuse the babies of the Asiatic Nations, or are you just a part of the agenda to turn our male children into Homosexuals?