Ancient Order of Free Asiatics


Asiatic Languages (Mathematics)
Chapter 10

Before 1828, the Roman tribes of colonial North America were speaking various dialects of Latin.

The first English dictionary was published in colonial North America in 1828.

Thus, the English Language is the manifestation of all dialects, which were derived from Arabic and Hebrew, which is derived from classical Aramaic.

All came from the same foundation as Arabic, you will also see in this order, Ancient Hebrew, Phoenicia, Southern Arabic, and the Hieroglyph or 'Medu-Neters' words of the Gods or Divine writings all came from the original man.

The French, Spanish and Italian employ practically the same expressions in the language, the German and Jew employ the very same expression in language, and this tangible evidence has fully explained the E-Pluribus-Unum on US money, 'one out of many.

History of the Asiatic Nations

The history of the Asiatic Nations lies hidden in the library of every State of the Union, and also in the library of practically every home if you know where to look.

Therefore, the history of the Asiatic Nation is not news but a guide to the true history of the world.

The European Americans hid the truth from the so-called Negro under the influence of fear and hatred starting in the year of 1555 AD.

Prophet Muhammed and the split of Arabia

The Prophet Muhammed is born in the year 570 ace, in the year 610 ace he receives the revelations/teachings of the Quran from Allah through the Angel Gabriel.

In the year 622 AD, the Flight (Hegira) took place; Prophet Muhummed flees Mecca and finds refuge in Yathrib.

This is day one in the Muslim calendar. Around 630 thru 631 AD, the Unification of the Arabian Peninsula had taken place because of Muhummed PBABAH.

In the year 632 AD, the Prophet Muhammad left his physical body.

In the years 635 thru 650 AD, Under the Caliphs, the Conquest of Syria, Palestine, the Persian Empire, Egypt, and parts of North Africa, West Africa, and Spain was accomplished.

Six hundred and thirty-eight AD was the year that the Muslims captured Jerusalem.

650 AD, Abu Bakr, and Umar establish the final writings of the Qur’an.

Uthman is accused, of favoring his relatives when making important and sometimes lucrative appointments, of diverting monies from the treasury, and of other transgressions, some fiscal, and some moral.

This dissension grew into a violent uprising, which culminated in the murder of the caliph in 656 AD.

These developments began the complicated series of events known as the First Civil War (656 – 61), which was a struggle for leadership of the community of believers waged by the prominent heads of several families within the Prophet’s tribe, the 'Quraysh'.

This is of utmost importance in Islamic history because this is when the main families turn into 'sects' that have constituted the Muslim community up to the present day from the time they first emerged.

The first Civil War finally ended in 661 AD, when a Kharijite assassin killed Ali. From 650 thru 732 AD, the Muslim Expansion into Eastern Turkey, India, and China.

From 673 thru 797 AD, there were repeated attempts to penetrate deeper into Europe and capture Constantinople, the capital of the Greek Byzantine Empire.

Leo IV defeats the famous Muslim swordsmen twice and then dies in 780 AD at the age of 30. In the year 1453 AD, 'The Collapse of the Byzantine Empire takes place when the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople'.

Asiatics (Black, Brown, Red & Yellow People) Are Africans Therefore They Are The Same People

The people of a heavy ripe olive shade of skin can't become Christians because of this fact.

The Christians worship a European son of God and his mother Mary, the very image of themselves; the Christian God is European because his only begotten son is tangible evidence of this fact.

You might ask yourself this question, what chance do I have to enter the gates of the Christian Heaven dominated by a European God, his son, and his son’s mother Mary?

The very image of the woman who falsely cries rape followed by her sons with their cross burning, and their lynching of the Black Man.

On the contrary, there is a specific reason for the new masses of humanity referred to as Europeans to establish the church and the doctrine of Christ and Mary, so let us observe this so that we might take a broad view that will enable us to erase the hatred against them which is now dominating our world.

It has already been stated that during the past 1,411 years there have only been two world Empires, The Asiatic Empires of the Order of Islam and the Christian European Empire of the Order of Christ.

The Presbyterians professed the 'true Christ' the Methodists professed the 'true Christ' the Mormons professed the 'true Christ' the Roman Catholics also professed the 'true Christ' and all of them denounced all others as false. This system at one time prohibited the issuance of a marriage license to Asiatic men and women, who desire to marry European men and women in North America, especially in the United States of America.

Jehovah Witness

The Jehovah Witness and the World Wide Church of God, the Plane Truth Organization of today endeavor to uplift the Orders of Christ. Remember the founders and heads of these organizations are the same people, also referred to as Europeans, therefore, we might say that the organization of the Jehovah's Witness and the World Wide Church of God will wake up the European masses.

Roman Republican Party 138 Years Ago

In the year 1854, the European women often referred to as The Daughters of the American Revolution endorse the artistic painting of themselves and their son, called Christ and Mary, by force, intrigue ignorance, cruelty, seduction, bloodshed, and destruction.

The foundation of the Order of Christ was well laid in the Union of 1865.

This was followed by well-trained Missionary workers carrying the banner of the image son and Mother Doctrine across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, supported by a military force of the Order of Rome.

Thereby, the false doctrine of the pale Son Christ was established in the four angles of the Earth.

This enabled the pale skin Daughters of the Revolution to remain neutral, while the pale skin men seduced the helpless Asiatic women at home and abroad, to perpetuate the pale skin Nation of Rome during the past 138 years. The picture of the son image and Mother equal the power of ten thousand words in the name of the tradition of European-American superiority.

When placed before the blond children, ranging between six and nine years of age, this gave them a false conception of European supremacy before they can read, and this is how they grow up to be men and women the world over.

The 138-year-old act of the Daughters of the American Revolution has disqualified English women at home and abroad yet they play their specific role in the New World Order, which is now rapidly progressing.

The English-speaking women have disqualified from all other European women of different languages from playing in the New World Order.

Today it is the pale women’s desire, to tell the truth, and alter the Roman system of segregation but 85% of the Asiatic masses of the world will not believe in them, owing to the long brainwashing of the world to the ongoing trend of economic and social suffering.

This part of the story is referred to as a view of the promised land, but you cannot enter.

Generations of Blond Sons and Subjugated Asiatic Women

Had not the Muslims of Saudi Arabia established the superstitious religious system contrary to the universal economic and social science as shown in the Qur’an, twelve signs of the zodiac, and ten numbers of mathematics, there would have been no superstitious religious Orders of today.

Therefore, the fact is that the big three, Muslims, Christians, and Jews of the entire earth are equally guilty of a violation of the Law of Nature as shown in the twelve signs of the ever-present zodiac which has caused them to undergo the Law of retribution.

The Asiatic Nation submitted to the law of retribution in 1555, 1774, and 1776. The Roman Cross Nations submitted to the law of retribution in 1914, to be fulfilled in 15,084 of the Asiatic calendar.

This will culminate in a short cycle of 84 years. 15,084 mark the end of the doctrine of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Church mystery system, race, and color.

Civilization is founded upon practical knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and the morals of women

The Asiatic women have undergone everything that could have been imposed upon them, yet at one time they retained their morals.
You may compare the acts of the lamb’s wool hair woman of the US and abroad with the acts of the European blond woman of the US and abroad and thereby draw your conclusion during the next 170 years of global economic and social revolution. Thousands of blond women and sons will resort to suicide while undergoing 170 years of economic and social revolution.
The lambs’ wool of the Black men in North America and abroad will restore civilization and peace to the world during the next 170 years, Geometry and the twelve signs of the Asiatic constitute the Prophetic law that has never told a lie.
The economic suffering of the blond women of Rome, England, France, Germany and Greece, and mythical Palestine will be fulfilled with the blond women of the US, Canada, and Australia during the next 170 years.
Nature has a just law, the law of retribution that cannot be offset with a dream, lip service, hypocritical prayer, wealth, atomic bombs, military training, and the wooden or stone image of a European God.
The economic chaos of the FDIC will make the blond people of the US, hate the names such as; Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow and love the name Asiatic.
After the cycle of retribution has been fulfilled by the Asiatics of the United States, the Daughters of the American Revolution will end up begging the Asiatics who have given birth to children who have become champions of the world in every important department of society.
Remember champions of the world do not have to beg for social recognition.
The law of retribution cannot be altered. We reap that which has been sown in the past.
The Greek, Jew, and Latin of the Roman Cross Order definitely cannot go beyond the Moabite Alphabet. Our Asiatic ancestors’ codes of Alphabet and Mathematics have proven that the pale person has no culture of his own.
The Asiatic shade code in electronics, which describes the unit of resistance, current, and voltage, the magnetic law, atomic energy is as follows, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, brown, violet, gray, white and black.
The Asiatic forefathers had harnessed atomic energy and employed it for both good and ill many centuries before the European red-skinned blond-haired women of Patagonia had become educated by the cultured Asiatics. Atomic energy is new to the pale person, but not to the Asiatic Nation.
The Christian race and color scheme were founded upon the Asiatic color code of electronics.
It is impossible for a nation that is dominated by various secret orders that are to hold the Asiatic man and women back to solve its economic and social problems. You might ask yourself this question. How can one help himself and others without exposing his secrets?


The code of mathematics from knowledge to born and born back to knowledge

(- 12 9 6 3 0 3 6 9 12 +) constitutes the ever-present code of law that never grows old or Ancient.

Neither Earth, Water, Air Heat Light, or Electricity will ever grow old or ancient, the whole of which comprises the one great body of the ever-present living truth that there is no mystery god and neither a secret.

All secret orders involving religion, symbolism, and mystic passwords are our signs of ignorance of the realities that dwell within us and about us. That which individuals have in their minds unexpressed is a secret. Having expressed it then the great secret has been exposed to the outer world.

The inner world of the mind, must not be confined to the physical or three-dimensional plane, but include every plane and every type of life form, through which the mind or soul expresses itself.

This excludes the findings of European psychology, which confines its attention to the physical world.

Inner processes are largely recognized by their external effects.

There are not two minds. What is called objective consciousness or objective Mind, which there is a growing tendency on the part of some psychologists to call clear consciousness is merely a portion of the Mind-Soul or Unconscious-Mind as you choose to term it manifesting through the physical brain?

To do this it utilizes electric energies to impart vibratory rates to the brain cells.

Thus, our Unconscious-Mind is the inner world referred to as the All Seeing Eye.

In our physical universe, positive and negative charges of electricity as protons and electrons are the building blocks of which all the elements of matter are composed.

Similarly, all true thought elements are composed of Reproductive Desires and Nutritive Desires in some proportion.

That is, the elements belonging to ten distinct families of which the psycho plasma in the thought-cells is composed, they called this reproductive desires and nutritive desires.

Thus, a woman is the grand master of architecture and carpenter of the physical body.

This makes all equality or things that take up space Muslims because they all submit to the will of the Creator.

Babies are nine months from conception to birth, the number nine has many names one is Nimrod.

Christmas was set up as a memorial to Nimrod. The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree and has lived all year round.

Santa Clause robbing Asiatic people at Christmas is similar to Nimrod's work.

December 25th is the birthday of Nimrod; Nimrod killed his father and married his mother whose name was Ester, today called Easter.

When Nimrod's wife (mother) had her first child he feared that the people would lose respect for him if they knew he was making babies through his mother (it was a secret that they were married) therefore to fool the people Nimrod told the people that the Holy Ghost had impregnated his mother.

This was the beginning of the great lie told about the birth of Jesus and his Mother Mary.