Ancient Order of Free Asiatics


Allah El


Chapter 2

This seems the proper place to point out that the unwritten kabbalah, like the written kabbalah, is outlined in symbolical language, with purposeful blinds and subterfuges to confuse the uninitiated; so that of the few who undoubtedly exist in the present day who have received it. Most remain in as much ignorance of its true interpretation, as the majority of students do after studying the more accessible written kabbalah.

The unwritten kabala has been transmitted only through certain schools, of thought and science. The practical kabbalah treats ceremonial magic and includes the making of magic circles, wands, swords, and pentacles, and the use of inscriptions and symbols for performing wonders. Accessible books treating this subject are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Books of Moses, The Greater Keys of Solomon the King, and The Lesser Keys of King Solomon.

The literal kabala is so written that the letters, numbers, and words must be transposed to perceive the meaning. It is a work written in code and must be systematically decoded to have any value. The code that must be used to decipher it, takes three different forms as follows: GEMATRIA, TEMURA, and NOTARIQUON or the DOGMATIC KABBALAH; this division has four chief headings; Sephir Yetzirah, Sephir Sephiroth, Asch Metzareph, and The Zohar.

It was first taught by, IHVH to his selected angels who formed many schools. After the fall, the doctrine was communicated to a man that by its means, he might regain his lost estate, according to tradition; it was handed down through an unbroken line of (Iseu) succession that included David and Solomon, to the time of the destruction of the second temple; when, for the first time, it was committed in writing.

This Kabbalistic knowledge is teaching the concern of the origins of the Universe, Man’s proper relation to IHVH, and all other entities. Why man entered, material conditions? Moreover, how he might partake of the Tree of Good and Evil and how he ultimately regains his spiritual estate. Also, partake of the Tree of Life, and so attain SELF-CONSCIOUS-IMMORTALITY. This information was handed down by word of mouth, as allegorical stories, thus it came to be an essential part of the wisdom for which the ancient lands of Atlantis and Mu are renowned.

The Tree of Life

The First emanation is called Kether, the Crown, and symbolizes Life or Knowledge. It is the head of the Tree of Life containing the Male (Y) and Female (X) potencies.
The Second emanation is Chocmah, meaning Wisdom, the head of the right side of the Tree of Life.
The Third emanation is Binah, meaning Understanding, the head of the Tree of Life on the Left.
The Fourth emanation is Chesed, meaning Culture or Freedom, being the Middle of the Tree of Life on the right side.
The Fifth emanation is Geburah, meaning Power, the Middle of the Tree of Life on the left side.
The Sixth emanation is Tiphareth, meaning Equality, Beauty, and Attraction, the Middle of the Tree of Life, where all influences join in a common harmonious Union.
The Seventh emanation is Netzach, Splendor, Beneficent, Merciful, the foot of the Tree of Life on the left.
The Eighth emanation is Hod, meaning Build or Destroy and Conflict, the foot of the Tree of Life on the right.
The Ninth emanation is Yesod, meaning Born and symbolizing Formation, which gives external expression to Tiphareth and is next to the foot of the Tree of Life in the middle.
The Tenth emanation is Malkuth, symbolizing Asiatic or Knowledge added on to a Cipher or the world of matter. The Spiritual Ideals of Kether, have been attracted by Tiphareth, and having undergone formative gestation of Yesod, are brought forth in full Virility, of expression, becoming in man SELF-CONSCIOUS-IMMORTALITY, the foot of the Tree of Life also the foundation to the Middle of the Tree of Life.

The Four Realms or four Kabbalistic worlds

Atziluth is the celestial realm and the element fire, and Briah is Creation the spiritual realm, and the element air. Yetzirah is the Formation of the astral realm and the element water.

Assiah is the realm of Action and symbolizes the physical realm and the element earth.
The first three emanations are related to the Celestial Realms, even as Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus influence the highest ideals of man.
The second three emanations pertain to Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus who influence man’s moral nature, reflective powers, and affections.
The third emanations are reflective of Mercury, Mars, and the Moon who influence man’s genius.
The final emanation of the Physical world, practical action, as the Sun vitalizes and brings forth from the soil innumerable forms of life, or what has been perceived on the inner plane through extrasensory perception resides in the unconscious mind as a memory.
The word Kabbalah signifies traditional Knowledge. It thus refers to the Oral Law, as handed down from antiquity; and embraces the occult traditions of all lands and all peoples.
The sacred books of the world include the Avesta, Vedas, Bible, Qur'an, and Zohar.
In the Kabbalistic system, each Hebrew letter is not only a number but in addition, represents an idea.
The three mother letters are Aleph, Mem, and Shin. Aleph = the plane of spirit, Mem = the astral world, and Shin = the physical where all is given form.
There are 7 active planets and 7 active attributes in nature so are there 7 double letters, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Caph, Pe, Resh, and Tau.
As there are 12 active Zodiacal signs and 12 active Jewels, so there are 12 single letters, although in detail they do not correspond to them: He, Vau, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Jod, Lamed, Nun, Sameck, Ayin, Tzaddi, and Quoph.
The Hebrew, Chaldean, Arabic, and Egyptian letters are very similar in vibration and numeric value.
Kabbalistic is one of the universal standards or rules of measurement for the letters of the alphabet, and Astrology is the culture of the Asiatic Nation, in the wilderness of North America.

The Asiatic Nation founded the universal order of Islam in Europe in the year 711 Anno Domini and reeducated the confused human family of Europe. They, in turn, established the greatest civilization that the world would ever know. The Asiatics taught the science of the number line -10, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, also 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, the 60 seconds of the minute, the 60 minutes of the hour, the 365 and 1/4 days in the year, the letters of the Alphabets, all this comprise some of the things that the cultured Asiatics taught in Europes.

These Asiatics are the forefathers of the so-called Negro in The Americas, who the Christians referred to in their literature as Negro, Coons, Colored, Afro, Black, African, or heathens.
Elijah sits under the Juniper-tree, and weeps, Jesus was forsaken in Gethsemane, and Muhammed is forsaken in Mecca. These Prophets were happy at heart, but the Creator is great, and the Devil is like a Neophyte to his perfection.
Say: God is one!

This I obey for a thousand and one times a night for one thousand nights, I did affirm the Unity of one.

The night only means Light, and Unity and God are one or 1=34, Allah Understands the Culture or 1=34, also 7 or 77 or 777.
For the Night will cover everything for light and dark are the same, six and five are the numbers of Adonai, the Holy Guardian Angel.

The moon is the path of Gimel leading to Tiphareth and on to Kether!
The number 51 means power and knowledge, and its subject is appropriately equality, 49 is the square of seven also 26 when you look at God.

This is why man hungers for the infinite, but he is not even ready for the finite, thus shall he devour the finite, and become the infinite, for he has become greedier than the shark, he must overcome all law, all nature and become himself or 19. The number 31 refers to the Hebrew word LA, which means 'not'.
Blood and virginity have always been the most acceptable offerings to all the gods, but especially the Christian God, because such sacrifices come under the Great Law of the Rosy Cross, the giving up of individuality, as has been explained.
This is from the Adept Chamber of the Ancient Order of Free Asiatics from the Books the Kabbalah Unveiled, General Principles of Kabbalah, and The Book of Splendor (Peace). The Exoteric Qabalah is a shell of that perfect fruit of the Tree of Life.
For the student unacquainted with the Qabalah we recommend the study of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets from Father Allah the Founder of the 5% Nation, and The Zohar, the Qabalah is exotericism and literalism. The literal Qabalah is divided into three parts: GMTRIA, Gematria; NVTRIQVN, Notariqon; and ThMVRH, Temura.
Gematria is based on the relative numerical values of words. Words of similar numerical values are considered explanatory of each other, and this theory is extended to phrases.
Thus in Hebrew, the letter Shin is 300 and is equivalent to the number obtained by adding up the numerical values of the letters of the words (RVCh ALHIM) Ruach Elohim, the spirit of Elohim and it is, therefore, a symbol of the spirit of Elohim. For R=200, V=6, Ch=8, A=1, L=30, H=5, I= 10, M=40, total = 300.
Similarly, the words in English Allah and One, each = 34, for A=1, l=12, l=12, a=1, h=8, and O=15 n=14 e=5 the total of each word is 34. (Knowledge = 96)
Again, in Hebrew the name of the angel (MTTRVN) Metatron or Methraton, and the name of the Deity, (ShDI) Shaddai, each makes 314; so the one is taken as symbolical of the other. The angel Metatron is said to have been the conductor of the children of Israel through the wilderness, of whom God says, ‘My name is in him.
About Gematria the same can be said in phrases (Gen. 49:10), (IBA, ShILH) or (Yeba, Shiloh) in English ‘until Shiloh come’=358, which is the enumeration of the word (MShICh) Messiah.
Thus also the passage, (Gen. 18:2) (VHNH, ShLShH) Vehenna, Shalisha, ‘And lo, three men stood by him’, equals in numerical value (ALV, MIKAL, GBRIAL, VRPAL) Elo, Mikhael, Gabriel, Ve-Raphael, ‘These are Mikhael, Gabriel and Raphael', for each phrase=701. I think these instances will suffice to make clear the nature of Gematria.
Notariqon is derived from the Latin word notarius, a shorthand writer. Of Notariqon, there are two forms, in the first every letter of a word is taken from the initial or abbreviation of another word, so that from the letters of every word a sentence may be formed. (King Now Cipher Wisdom Lord Equality Divine God Equality) The king's nation is 360 and he is wise as the lord, to be = with the Divine God on Earth or 110 in 120 also to teach all families of Earth.
Thus in Hebrew, every letter of the word in (BRAShITH) Berashith, is made the initial of a word, and we obtain (BRAShITh, RAH, ALHIM, ShIQBLV, IShRAL, ThVRH) Berashith, Rahi, Elohim, Sheyequebelo, Israel, Torah; ‘In the beginning, Elohim saw that Israel would accept the law’. As in Knowledge = Knowledge, Now, Cipher, Wisdom, Lord, Equality, Divine, God, Equality.
The second form of Notariqon is the exact reverse of the first. By this, the initials or finals, or both, or the media, of a sentence, are taken to form a word or words. Thus the Qabalah is called (ChKMH, NSThRH) Chokhmah, Nesethrah, ‘the secret wisdom’, and if we take the initials of these two words Ch and N, Chen, ‘grace’. Similarly, from the initials and finals of the words (MI, IOLH, LNV, HShMIMH) Mi, Iaulah, Leno, Ha-Shamayimah, Who shall go up for us to heaven? (Deut. 30:12), are formed (MILH) Milah, ‘circumcision’ and IHVH, the Tetragrammaton, implying that God hath ordained circumcision as the way to heaven.
Temura is a permutation. According to certain rules, one letter is substituted for another letter preceding or following it in the alphabet, and thus from one word another word of very different orthography may be formed. Thus the alphabet is bent exactly in half, in the middle, and one half is put over the other, and then by changing alternately the first letter or the first two letters at the beginning of the second line, twenty-two commutations are produced. These are called the Table of the combinations of (TzIRVP) Tziruph. 

For example's sake, I will give the method called (ALBTh) Albath, thus:

11        10        9          8          7          6          5          4          3          2         1

K         I          T         Ch       Z         V         H         D         G          B        A

M        N         S         O          P         Tz       Q         R         Sh        Th       L

Each method takes its name from the first two pairs composing it, the system of pairs of letters being the groundwork of the whole, as either letter in a pair is substituted for the other letter. 

Thus, by Albath, from RVCh, Ruach, is formed DTzO, Detzau. The names of the other twenty-one methods are ABGTh, AGDTh, ADBG, AHBD, AVBH, AZBV, AChBZ, ATBCh, AIBT, AKBI, ALBK, AMBL, ANBM, ASBN, AOBS, APBO, ATzBP, AQSTz, ARBQ, AShBR, and AThBSh.

To these must be added the modes ABGD and ALBM. Then comes the Rational Table of Tziruph, another set of twenty-two combinations. There are also three Tables of the Commutations, known respectively as the Right, the Averse, and the Irregular.

To make any of these, a square, containing 484 squares, should be made, and the letters were written in. For the Right Table write the alphabet across from right to left in the second row of squares do the same, but begin with B and end with A, in the third begin with G and ends with B, and so on. For the Averse Table write the alphabet from right to left backward, beginning with Th and ending with A, in the second row begin with Sh and end with Th, etc. The Irregular Table would take too long to describe. Besides all these, there is the method called (ThShRQ) Thashraq, which is simply writing a word backward. There is one more very important form called the Qabbalah of the Nine Chambers or (AIQ BKR) Aiq, Bekar. It is thus formed: 

300          30      3          200         20        2         l00          l0         I

Sh            L      G          R            K        B         Q             I         A

600          60      6          500         50        5         400         40        4

M final    S       V         K final    N        H         Th          M        D

900          90      9          800         80       8          700         70        7

Tz final   Tz     T         P final     P        Ch       N final    O        Z

I have put the numeration of each letter above to show the affinity between the letters in each chamber. Sometimes this is used as a cipher, by taking the portions of the figure to show the letters they contain, putting one point for the first letter, two for the second, etc.
Thus the right angle, containing (AIQ) will answer for the letter Q if it has three dots or points within it. Again a square will answer for H, N, or K final, according to whether it has one, two, or three points respectively placed within it.
So also about the other letters, there are many other ways of employing the Qabalah of the Nine Chambers, which I have no space to describe. I will merely mention as an example, that by the mode of Temura called (AThBSh) Athbash, is found that in (Jeremiah 25:26) the word (ShShK) She’shakh, symbolizes BBL, Babel.
So that you might readily knowledge the wisdom, to bring about an understanding of the contents of this lesson, you are advised to lay aside all that was taught you so you can see which is to know, this is mathematics. As a result, you will be guided by common reason rather than by traditional emotional belief. I am aware of the fact that religious teachers have a monopoly on a mystery God, but they do not have this same hold on mathematics, the science of geometry involving the 12 signs of the zodiac, or the universal law called, I self lord and master.

Note: See The Hebrews or the Asiatics of the Hebrew Chezz Nation.