Knowledge Of Self

Power Equality Asiatics See Equality

The Code of the Ancient Order Of Free Asiatics: 

There is knowledge to fight ignorance, therefore ignorance is a thing of the past.

Knowledge is first and one.

There is no fear, there is only power.

I have the heart and also mind of our creator.

I am the mystery of triple darkness as the original man.

In balance with chaos and harmony.

Immortal in the Five Percent Nation.

There is no light without dark.

Through passion, I gain focus.

Through knowledge, I gain strength.

Through a victory, I gain the culture I God.

There is only the Mind, the Universe is Mental made physical in the Mind of the All in All.

There is no dark side, nor a light side.

There is only the truth.

I will do what I must to keep the balance Tiphareth.

The balance called Equality is what keeps us together.

There is no evil without good.

However, evil must not be allowed to flourish.

There is passion, yet peace.

There is serenity, yet emotion in our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

There is chaos, yet order in our build.

I am the wielder of the flaming light the protector of balance called Equality.

I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way after you are out of the light of the stars.

I am the keeper of the solar fire and a soldier of balance.

I am a guardian of balance. I am the truth of this poor part of the planet earth.

Flowing through all, there is Tiphareth, Equality, and Earth.

There is no peace without a passion to create.

He who is God she who is Earth for the woman a planet.

There is no passion without peace to guide.

Knowledge will blind you without the strength to act.

Power blinds without the understanding to see.

There is freedom in life.

There is a purpose in death.

The universe is all things, the sun, moon, and stars and the Universe are in triple darkness. 

The Code of a Master [Knowledge the Understanding] there is only 360.

There is a balance between dark and light, Power and restraint, and strength and knowledge.

There is Power in the refined light.

Victory is only found in bringing the culture into freedom.

Power and strength are exercised through knowledge and wisdom to bring about an understanding seed that is also the star.

To bring back balance, one must strike hard and fast.

One must use power to break the opponent.

Power requires restraint to bring back harmony.

Strike too hard, and chaos is born.

Knowledge teaches the power to keep balanced equality.