John Wyclif
Chapter 21

What is the birth record of said nations other than Islam?
Answer: Buddhism is 35,000 years old and Christianity is 551 years old.

Buddhism will be dealt with in a later lesson from the Plus degrees for 120 lessons.

If we subtract 551 years from the date in which the student enrollment was written, we would not arrive at the date in which Jesus Christ so-called returned to the essence, which would be more or less the date in which the Western world calendar records history.

Christianity supposedly is the teachings of Jesus Christ, in essence, Jesus taught freedom, justice, and equality, and at the time the Student enrollment was written, Christianity should have been 1,935 years old and not 551 years old. (Why the difference in dates?) Subtracting 551 years from the time the student enrollment was written in 1932 gives us the date 1381. The Bible was translated into English and given to the common people this year. Before this date, only certain individuals of nobility were the ones in possession of the Bible, written in Latin and French. John Wyclif took it upon himself to make the Bible a common Possession of all Christians in England in the language of all the people. From him comes the first English translation of the New Testament, while the Old Testament comes from his association with Nicholas of Hereford. When the first translation emerged, it became the object of violent controversy. The translation was opposed and forbidden. Thus, a mass of people came into the possession of the Bible unknown to the Church, yet many manuscripts survived and were widespread among the common people. In many of his books, one may discover immense attacks upon the papacy and the entire hierarchy of his time.


In the summer of 1381 ace, Wycliffe formulated his doctrine of the Lord's Supper in twelve short sentences and made it a duty to advocate it everywhere. Then the English hierarchy proceeded against him. The chancellor of the University of Oxford had some of the declarations pronounced heretical. When this fact was announced to Wycliffe, he declared that no one could change his convictions. He then appealed neither to the pope nor to the ecclesiastical authorities of the land, but the king. He published his great confession on the subject and the second writing in English intended for the common people.

His pronouncements were no longer limited to the classroom they spread to the masses. The followers of John Wycliffe, the Lollards, grew greatly in number throughout the land. Amid this commotion came the Peasants' Revolt of 1381. Although Wycliffe disapproved of the revolt, he was blamed. Yet his friend and protector John of Gaunt was the most hated by the rebels, and were Wycliffe's influence was greatest the uprising found the least support. While in general the aim of the revolt was against the spiritual nobility, this came about because they were nobles, not because they were churchmen. Wycliffe's old enemy, Courtenay, now Archbishop of Canterbury, called (1382) an ecclesiastical assembly of notables in London. During the consultations, an earthquake occurred (May 21); the participants were terrified and wished to break up the assembly, but Courtenay declared the earthquake a favorable sign that meant the purification of the earth from erroneous doctrine. On November 18, 1382, Wycliffe was summoned before a synod at Oxford; he appeared, though broken in the body in consequence of a stroke, but determined. He still commanded the favor of the court and parliament, to which he addressed a memorial. He was neither excommunicated then nor deprived of his position.

While Wycliffe was in the parish church on Holy Innocents' Day, Dec. 28, 1384, he again suffered a stroke and was carried out the side door of his church, in his chair. John Wycliffe died on the last day of the year, three days later. The Council of Constance declared Wycliffe (on May 4, 1415) a stiff-necked heretic and under the ban of the Church. It was decreed that his books be burned and his remains are exhumed. This last did not happen until twelve more years later when at the command of Pope Martin V they were dug up, burned, and the ashes cast into the river Swift that flows through Lutterworth. In conclusion, the lesson is building on the English version of Christianity as per the Roman Catholic Church. Because this is the type of Christianity that was taught to the slaves in 1555 a.c.e., in the wilderness of North America as the slave master of America were mostly English from England, Peace.

The History of Buddha as taught by 'Allah the Father'
In the name of Allah the most beneficent and Compassionate

Buddha is an Original Asiatic man who was a doctor, physicist, and mathematician. He set out to build a Nation in India, in the year 5,020 of the 23rd Qur’an. His followers were wise but when Buddha died, they began to do other than the teachings of Buddha. The wall or gates of Mecca was built in the six-thousandth year of the 24th Qur’an to keep the Buddhist Monks out, and they are the ones, who strayed away from Buddhism and Buddha, to change his testimony to make it easy on themselves.

This only made them go astray, causing them to fight and kill one another in India as the Devil did to the original man in Mecca thousands of years later. One year a Minister of the scholarship clan under the first Buddha, who had been studying in Mecca visited India and the true followers of Buddha, he told them of the Monks and High Priestesses of the faraway land Mecca and how he taught that all men are Allah, and how He Allah had made Angles and suns. Thus, Buddha would return from the dead as he did and would be praised as one of the Sons of Men who are Gods.

Many tried to get into the city and take it from the true sons of Buddha; the students of fallen Angels told the people that they would send four billion warriors from the Far East if they did not surrender the city over to the fallen Angels and their students. However, they did not fall for the tricks of the fallen Angels in that day and time. Allah commissioned the Monks of Buddha to go and search for the new Buddha, who would return to the sons of men, but they were unable to find this one, so they all agreed that they would return to the temple and wait for this son of man to come. Many Monks became wild for they had started worshipping idols as gods, the truthful followers of Buddha stayed in India, but the Monks were running out, of the city, this is why you have many versions of Buddha’s teachings.


 1. What does Buddha mean? Buddha means the enlightened one, who has found their self, has therefore found the Universe, and has been enlightened to the absolute truth.
 2. When was the First Buddha born on this Earth, and who was he? Buddha was born 55,000 years ago and he was a Prophet of Allah.
 3. When and where was Buddha born? Buddha was born in a place in Asia (Earth) in what is now called or known today as Pakistan India, therefore Buddha was of the Asiatic (so-called Black man) descendant and was not what is considered oriental.
 4. Is Buddha’s name written in the Book of Life? Yes! He was a God not a Buddhist, just as Jesus was a God and not a Christian.
 5. Who gave Buddha his name? Allah himself gave Buddha his name at the age of 30 he was educated by the greatest scientists of an Asiatic nation in that day and time.
 6. When did Buddha leave India on that day and time? The Date is unknown.
 7. What did Buddha look like? Buddha was very dark in complexion, with dark brown-planted eyes, with curly dark brown hair he was an original man.
 8. What did Buddha teach? Buddha taught Freedom, Justice, and Equality!
 9. 35,000 years ago means 5,020 in the 23rd Qur’an, each cycle or Qur’an equals 25,000 years.
10. In the year 15,020 the 24th Qur’an or cycle is 1934 ace. 

The History Of Sir John Hawkins Jr.

The spread of the Culture I-God had stopped to complete the ruling of the Europeans after they had over-populated Europe, Allah allowed them to spread out. He gave a guide to lead them; Columbus was a half-original man. He guided them over to the new world, for Allah had told Moses one of their kind would guide them all the way. They realized the country would have to be built up and they knew they could not build up the country for they were not strong enough. Their Queen, Elizabeth, called in leaders and world travelers and wanted to know if there existed a people on the face of the planet earth who could stand the hard work and yet be submissive enough to submit to the task. John Hawkins told them yes, there are, along with the Nile, the strongest people and the wisest that ever lived yet, they had never been lied to. The Queen appointed John Hawkins the job of getting them into the United States of America. This was called the hundred-year plan.

John Hawkins one day sailed along the Nile. He came among the tribe of Shabazz. He was flying a red flag, which represented Freedom, and his ship was named Jesus which means justice. He came among the tribe of Shabazz offering them peace. Our people never being lied to or mislead, accepted his greetings and him as a brother. He lived among us for 29-1/2 years, learning our customs, our way of life, our culture, our philosophy, our tongue, and everything he could about us. After learning all he could he started a rumor about the land to the west of milk and honey, a paradise, a place of plenty. Our people were living along the Nile River; the children were allowed to play with diamonds of such size as to be astonishing. They were advanced and played with algebra as a game and past time play. We gave out high mathematics and advanced astronomy. We were advanced in arts and mastered all seven sciences of the planet earth. We were the most beautiful people physically one had ever laid eyes on because we had mastered the sciences of proper eating and caring for the body. We could outwork any people on the planet and could endure hardship longer than anyone else could. Yet we were the most devoted and the most submissive people. We were Allah's choice, his most beloved people. We were his perfect example for our brothers and sisters. A house of presents and holy ones, we were (Job), Allah's most faithful servants, we were royal and holy and Allah, to whom we submitted completely was our God. We knew every inch of the planet, but when the rumor started we fell for it, a prophecy had to be fulfilled, we went aboard John Hawkins’s ship and this was to discuss the place and get a better picture of it and a better understanding. While everyone was preparing, the hatch was closed and the ship was allowed to drift into the sea. When daylight came, they were on their way. The men became aware and some were successful in going overboard but most were outnumbered and subdued.

When John Hawkins first appeared, did the tribe of Shabazz know who he was? Yes, many knew the just like many knew when the devil went back to Mecca after the island of Pelon. Why were not the Brown and Red tribes of the Americas used for labor in those times of slavery? They could not perform the labors and most of the Red tribes would not submit to such treatment in the land that their forefathers had lived in for so many years.