Ancient Order of Free Asiatics

Ancient Masonry
The Most Profound Secrets of Masonry Are Not Revealed In the Lodge They Belong Only To the Few
Chapter 6


There are Masons, Mechanics, and Carpenters, these are the first three degrees of Ancient Masonry, those who know will see that Ancient Masonry is very close to the Free Masonry of today! The common gavel, 12-inch gauge, and 24-inch ruler are the tools of a Mason. '133 Psalm' is read in the Temple of Solomon in the first degree. The grip of the Ancient Mason was a pressure of the thumb at the base of the other index finger in the dark to see another brother and or brothers. The grips' name is Boaz after the husband (Ruth 2:1). 'Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make lambskin aprons, and clothed them. The Master '...who secured the Golden Fleece with the help of Medea and the Argonauts...'. For the standard representing a Roman Eagle, is carried, by the head of each 'Roman' legion, Truth and Union, are the words, and you shall be cautious, using the listening ear, a silent tongue, and a faithful heart.

The Fellow Craft is opened on the number five, after they who said unto them, Say now Shibboleth, and he said Shibboleth, for they could not frame their mouth to pronounce it right, then they took them, and slew them at the passages of Jordan, and there fell at the time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand, Judges 12:6. In this was manifested the love of IHVH toward us, because He sent his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him, I John 4:9. Thus, he showed me and behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb line, with a plumb line in his hand, Amos 7:7. In addition, he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple and he set up the right pillar and called the name thereof Jachin and he set up the left pillar and called the name thereof Boaz 2 Chronicles 3:17. Jacob's ladder or the Theological Ladder is said to contain three principal rounds, denominated Faiths in IHVH, Hope for immortality and Charity for all in the Universe. There is a point within the circle, yet the circle is bounded on the east and west, the two perpendicular parallel lines, represent the anniversary of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

The Master in Ancient Masonry is Tubal Cain! He kneels before the altar on both naked knees, raises both hands to heaven with the arms bent, and gives the hailing sign. Saying ‘Is there no help for the widow's son? The sign of the degree shows where the hope lies for a Master Mason, this is made by drawing the right hand, palm down, from left to right across the abdomen in the region ruled by the sign Libra and letting it fall to the side. The pass-grip of an Ancient Mason is the right hand between the joints of the second and third fingers where they join the hand; its name is Tubal Cain the true Master of Masonry. The apron, in this degree, is worn with the triangle down over the square showing 3 + 4 = 7. The Trowel is to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites them into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree. Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, these names, are to let you see the light of the Ancient bother that was killed under number 3. We first learn of Enoch in Genesis 5, for he is the grandfather of Noah. The sprig of cassia, the emblem of this degree is a pelican feeding her young, on one side of her a rose and on the left a sprig of cassia for immortality, nevertheless low six, and G marked on left breast or jewel are for the Ancient Mason to see his brother in the dark and also in the light.

Boaz, Jachin, and Mah-Hah-Bone, (marrow of the bone or the lion's grip) all show that Jubela strikes GMHA a blow across the throat with a 24-inch gauge, Jubelo gives GMHA a blow across the breast with a square, and Jubelum strikes the Master upon the forehead with a gavel, whereupon the Master falls dead. In the words of King David 'Fear is to warn you of the danger not to make you afraid of it. For you shall 'never underestimate the appoint' and 'never take what he offers you, If you must resort to violence then you have already lost and if a battle cannot be won, do not fight it.

Solomon said to see the word of a master in the Ancient works of 'Tubal Cain'; (Gen 10:2) and also the 'grips are the compasses’. The jewels of a Master are ‘Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love, and are as strong as a 'lion's paw'. The Grand hailing sign is of distress or mourning for ‘The Grand Master Hiram’. In the dark, the words ‘O Lord, My God, is there no help for the widow's Son? From an EA to an FC, you are ‘raising’ yourself on the square. In the first and second attempts, there are failures to raise the body, then the grand hailing sign of distress is given, the words are, ‘O Lord my God! '0' Lord my God! '0' Lord my God! I fear the Master's (Note: IHVH in the Qabalah) word is forever lost. The three stages of man are youth, manhood, and old age, which were referred to as the 'Three steps on the Carpet'. Moreover, 'The pot of incense', is one of the symbols in the lecture to the 'Old Masters'. Because the bee is such an energetic insect, never appearing to rest from sun-up to sundown, as the world turns, the bee and, hence, the beehive have long been symbols of industry or work for a man. The book of Constitutions guarded by Tyler's sword is the general name applied to any book or even an MS., containing the fundamental law, regulations, or constitutions of a Masonic body or system of bodies. The sword pointing to a naked heart is a symbol of the Master's Degree and one of the eight hieroglyphical emblems. 

The All-Seeing Eye is naturally a symbol of watchfulness, having the connotation of both solicitude and detection. The Anchor and Ark are emblems of a well-grounded hope and a well-spent life. The hourglass is an emblem of the passage of time or the brevity of life. The scythe of Father Time, is the emblem of death, brought into the Master's Degree by the Ancients, not only in the symbol of the hourglass but in the monument representing the virgin weeping and time standing at her back. The setting maul is a wooden hammer consisting of a mass of wood, either globular or barrel-shaped, and usually a long wooden handle for two-hand use, indeed the setting maul, coffin, and spade appeared in all Masonic charts as late as 1824 and are still illustrated in some Masonic monitors.

The EA degree treats the physical plane. The Master Mason degree treats the spiritual plane. The FC treats the astral plane. At the death of the physical body, both the physical form and the etheric body are lost. The physical body and the etheric body cannot exist on the astral plane. The sign of the FC is made by taking hold of the left breast with the right hand as though to tear a piece out of it, then the hand is drawn with the fingers partly closed quickly to the right and dropped to the side. The breast is the seat of emotion and the right breast indicates the higher aspirations and longings. The left breast symbolizes the more physical emotions; and the region of the heart, ruled by the sun, is the center of vital life.

Ancient Masonry teaches that each soul is a responsible entity working out its deliverance from voluntary and purposeful incarceration in the matter. On the higher astral plane man no longer eats organic substances to live he no longer eats his fellows, even a one-cell animal is his lowly kin.

The 47th Problem of Euclid

While these principles are illustrated by numbers, geometry, and mathematical symbolism, the Tetragrammaton the operation of divine law is incorporated into the understanding of this great mathematical symbol, the three sides represent the divine trinity, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

The Ark corresponds to the mundane houses, in the zodiacal signs and starry constellations of the universe for the physical body of man is the planet and he has an astral body and the ego is his mind.

The Book of Constitutions is symbolized by the oral law the same as 120 or 33.33 one-third of 360. 

The long winding staircase refers to the annual journey of the sun, for there are 365 days in a year on earth, but only 360 degrees in the sun’s annual cycle. Finally, yet importantly, the master’s grip is called Lion’s grip, because it is typical of the sun’s action in the sign Leo where it exercises its most virile power. (Love Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, see 12, 20, 11, 4)

This is an invention of our Ancients or the original people and was stolen by the Europeans. It teaches Masons to be general lovers of the arts and sciences.

A theorem in any right-angled triangle, the square which is described upon the side subtending the right angle, is equal to the squares described upon the sides which contain the right angle.