The name Ethiopia derived, from the Greek form, Aithiopia, from the two words Aitho, “I burn”, and Ops, “face”. It would hence mean the Black man’s land — the land of the Scorched Faces. The Greeks called all peoples south of Egypt, (particularly the area is now known as Nubia; modern usage has transferred this name further south to the land, and peoples are known in the late 19th and early 20th century as Abyssinia) Ethiopians.

The former name of Ethiopia is Abyssinia, a word of uncertain origin. Some people consider it comes from an Arabic word meaning, “mixed” - a reference to the country’s many ethnic groups; others believe that the name belonged to an early Ethiopian tribe. However, another origin is claimed for the name by many modern writers, some of whom say that the Greeks borrowed the word from the Egyptians and that as early as the Twelfth Dynasty the Egyptians knew the land under the name Ksh, or Kshi.

One form of this word, with the aleph prefix, Ekoshi (the Coptic Eshoo, Eshôsh, and Ethosh) would hence be the real root word. Others consider that it is derived from the Arabic word Atyab, the plural form of tib, which means “spices”, or “perfumes” (Glaser, “Die Abissinier in Arabien und Afrika”, Munich, 1895), or from an Arabo-Sabean root word, Atyub, which has a similar meaning.

Ancient Order of Free Asiatics

'The Culture Is I-God'
The Key
Part I

The Asiatic Black Man continues to be an economic and social slave because of his lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the law, history, and science. Let there be 'light' for knowledge is born equality. Light is required to lead man to the necessary truths of science, law, and history. The truth of science and history has been covered up by the use of mythology, theology, races, and nations. ‘The truth needs not, to apologize'. The ceremonies in Masonry are descended from the time of King Solomon's Temples. Masons use the biblical legends about the temple in their stories and lessons, which they inherited from the building guilds.

Back in the Middle Ages, in Europe the Bible was available only in Latin; stories from the Bible were acted out in the church to teach the biblical lessons to the common people. At first, the priests acted out the stories, but over time, the various trades and guilds became responsible for acting out particular legends. The masons had as their part the legends of the building of Solomon's Temple, and eventually, they worked it into their Lodge ceremonies as well.

The ceremonies of Masonry came from three sources, the Masonic guilds of England, the philosophies that were current when modern Masonry was getting started (1717, the date of the first modern 'grand lodge'), and the Hermetic writings that came from North African, Byzantine, and Moorish sources, also being discovered by European philosophers and scholars in Africa, decades before the founding of modern Masonry. These three sources are tangled up, which is why there were so many Masonic histories written for so many years. All of those sources had connections or contact with ceremonial traditions from King Solomon's Temple.

The Great Pyramids are the Emblems
of the Asiatics (Blacks/Original People of Earth) Nations all 4,400,000,000

It requires only a small book to explain the truth of science, history, law, psychology, sociology, mathematics, etc. However, it requires a very large book to cover up the truth of science and/or history by using Mythology, Theology, Isms, Race, and Fiction.

Black men, women, and children continue to be economic and social slaves, because of a lack of knowledge of history and science the world over. The Great Pyramids of Gaza were built by Khufu a great Asiatic builder who sees the Black man of the Nile and his family.

In Scottish Rite Masonry, the question is asked: 'what is the meaning of the two pyramids on your left? Egypt, where the sciences first took their rise', 'To a Masonic judge, the triangle is figured for the pyramids, which planted firmly as the everlasting hills and accurately adjusted to the four cardinal points, firm and unshaken as they are, when our feet are planted upon the solid truth'. The infinite divisibility of the triangle, teaches the infinity of the Universe, of time, space, and Deity, as do the lines that diverge from the common center ever increase their distance from each other as they are infinitely prolonged'. There is not enough religious doctrine and/or mystical wine in this world, to make a man with knowledge of self drunk, can open his eyes to stop killing nature and himself.

The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nations need to learn to love instead of hate and to know their higher self and lower self. This is the uniting of the tribes and families, for teaching and instructing all families of the planet earth, and in the universe.

The two keys to civilization are in the hands of the Asiatic Nations (Earthlings). The Asiatic Nations are descended from the Ancient children of the red sun, who landed on Asia (Earth), Atlantis, and Mu, they are the Ancient Gods, and their children are called Jabbar, Shabazz, Moabites, Cushite,  etc., they are the founders of all Ancient cities, the Ancient Khemettions, also the Hamitites and Midianites, also children from the Arabian Asiatic 'Black and Brown' seed of Hagar.

The Ancient Hindus, Nipponese, and Chinese are the descendants as are Canaanites, Hittites, and Moabites from the land of Canaan, the Asiatic Nations and Countries in North, South, and Central America, the Mexicans, Brazilians, Argentineans, Chileans, Columbians, Nicaraguans and the natives of San Salvador. The Ancient Turks are also the descendants of Hagar, who were the chief protectors of the Universal Creed of Man in the time of Monk Monk.

I dedicate this book to the thinkers and doers of Earth because the masses of earthlings have become functional illiterates, due to the education system of today, it will be extremely hard, if not impossible, for a lot of people to understand these books and other books of truths that the people of earth have died for, they will have to become thinkers and reeducate themselves in history and the culture of the people, who follow the laws of the universe. Anyone reading this book has to understand that words are given specific meanings in law. One such case is the word 'OF'; in most dictionaries, it has 18 meanings, depending on how you use it. In its most used form, it means belonging to or possessive.

There is only one thing to remember, that is, you cannot use the meaning of words that you use in everyday conversation and apply them to any law for they do not mean the same thing in law. Failure to heed this warning no matter what your mind thinks will put you back in the same situation that you are trying to get out from under; the usurpers have you believe their definitions through syntax.

This book will attempt to show you how people in power, to gain control over the masses and destroy their unalienable rights that are protected by the peaceful laws of the universe helped the lower self of man to deceive the higher self of man the world over. The illusion of freedom on Earth exists but the world today is less free than the world just 100 years ago. Americans still have more freedom than most of the world!

The men who founded the nations today would consider the people of earth virtual slaves. Some people who read this book and became frustrated with their lower self because they understand something is wrong, and believe the legal system of the world is crazy, should help the ones who cannot see what man is doing to a man. I cannot fault you for what the educational system has done to a lot of people, making a lot of us functionally illiterate, many have 5,000,000.00 in cash, and others have little to eat their short life, however, when you know in your heart that something is wrong and you continue to gripe without doing anything about it, stop, and help the next form of life you see, or you deserve what you get, to give in to the power of your lower self! This book brings out just a small tip of the iceberg yet the truth is one, earthlings need water, we have higher and lower forms of life on earth, therefore, if the earth is hurt then men should help her by first helping themselves. This is just to start you off.

All aspects or degrees of life are derived from mathematics, from mind to matter, from matter to mind. The Mind manifested nine cycles or nine aspects of life, from one to nine then from nine back to one, thereby adding a cipher to the knowledge to show its completion of a cycle. The mathematics from knowledge to 'born', are presently called supreme mathematics by the sons of men, which means all within mathematics are to be found within the son of man.

The Asiatics in America are the same Asiatics; that their Ancient ancestors were whom the Bible referred to as; Moabites, Cushiest, Hamites, and Canaanites, etc., who sojourned from the land of Canaan seeking new homes. That inhabited the shores of the Americas; 'Before the Mayflower.

Specific clarification needs to be given in the proper definition of class codes used by the Government the world over. We must understand that, as it is with all things under the guidance of man, changes occur to better "update or extirpate the original meaning". It is on this wise that I give you the explanation that brought about race identification. The English continued the practice and enforced this system of caste, making it appear that there are not different races of people, but rather two distinct classes of nationals mainly European and Asiatic.

The following are the four classes that are the ethnology result of our present-day Negro, Indian, Creole, etc, 'The Aboriginal natives of the landmass called America held the first rank. They were the Asiatic people too; however, because of a royal decree ratified under Emperor Charles V, the Moors (Blackamoor) were classified as Spaniards. Thus, the Spaniards became legally ranked as the first inhabitants. The second rank was Creole. These were the descendants, of the early European colonists, who were disowned by the English aristocracy because they claimed to be free men, based upon the Magna Carta. The third rank was a Mulatto; this was a mixture or amalgamation of European and Asiatics. The Mulatto was then barred from producing offspring from any other stock other than Europeans. This created a different group, not ranked, called Mestizo; the fourth and final rank was called Indian. This was the product of an amalgamation between the Mestizo stock and the Blackamoor, which then produced the reddish-brown shade'.

The changing of racial names became an easy task once the proper ranks had been designated. Since the Asiatics had become Spaniards, the amalgamation process for a different shade of Spaniards had taken place in Nova Spain. The Asiatic Black-a-Moor and The Asiatic Black Spaniards were given a new name and a different rank. Later on, The Europeans took the Latin Spanish word for Black, Niger 'Negro' to be that new name and ranked this new Asiatic, Negro, you see in the Asiatic Family original people of the Earth, in today's language we would say; Black, Brown, Red, Yellow. The European who is called the White man is ruling the Earth. Knowledge of self will help you understand how to come together as a people on food, clothing, and shelter/land. 

Creole replaced Mulatto because it now meant 'descendants of Europeans' then the Europeans replaced the Spaniards as first-class citizens. The establishment of the new order of races had begun. The Europeans declared and believed that their understanding was favorable in the eyes of God (Annuit Coeptis) and that this was the new order of the ages (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

The Asiatics have a similar history to the so-called American Indians (their true names are not Indians, for you are what your forefathers were) the Tribes from Alaska to Chile. There were as the Europeans called them; Civilized Tribes of Indians and there were Recognized Tribes of Asiatic Black and Brown people. The American Indian tribes were the Cherokee, Chaloklowa, Chickasaws, Choctaw, Muskogee, etc, the Asiatic Black tribes in America as taught by Noble Drew Ali, would be under the house of; Al Ali, Bey, Dey, and El' all of these original people lived in America 50,000 before the European colonize the land and people.

In 1526, the Asiatic Black people of Spain were conquered by the Europeans and ordered to abandon their native dress and assume the hats and clothes of the European Christians. To renounce their language, customs and ceremonies even their very names also to speak Spanish and behave in Spanish and rename themselves Spaniards, some did, but others rebelled and were later expelled from the country.

Manasses/King-Manasseh is the lost tribe, see 1 K 8:16, 21:1-26, 2 K 21:1-8 2 Ch 33:1-20 this lost tribe comprise the Asiatic Black people the world over also their children. Most of these divided people seem to be in idolatry, yet love God, worshippers under a fig tree, and teach science, mysticism, and/or mythology, most are under a creed of religion. They oppose the Universal science of the sky but point to it, and the signs of the Zodiac and/or Jewels because of their beliefs, mythology, religion, and/or idol god worship in any of its forms. The truth needs no apology so fear ye not. If you are not ready for the truth, close this book and do not read any further.