The Culture Is I-God Book II
First Born Black Messiah
Introduction To Root Knowledge

Black Messiah was physically born Matthew Johnson on 7/12/1948 to James and Ernestine Johnson.
During the 1960s as a young teen in Harlem he encountered various people from all walks of life, there were the Hustlers, the Black Clergy, the Black Muslims, etc. Like most youth, he admired the Black Muslims as they were well dressed, disciplined, and fearless toward "whitey".
He first met the man we know as Allah on 116th street and Lennox during the year 1963.

According to reports Black Messiah first observed Allah trying to get into Temple Number Seven, while he was dressed in shorts. This was a no-no in the Moslem world of the Nation of Islam. Moslems held fast to a strict dress code, and men were not permitted to wear short pants. At the time of their first encounter, Allah was a registered Muslim with the name Clarence 13X, under the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, with Malcolm X serving as the National Spokesman and Minister of Temple Number 7 Harlem NY.
It is said that when young Matthew First saw the Father in the above situation he thought to himself "This is a Strange Muslim". Little did he know that this would be the man that would 4ever change his life. On 10/10/1964, the knowledge was added to the cipher. Allah bestowed Matthew with the name of Kareem and gave him knowledge of self on 10/7/1963. Over time young Kareem became known as BLACK MESSIAH, FIRST BORN BLACK MESSIAH (the Father said we would not have Muslim names) became known as a very dynamic force and a profound teacher. He traveled throughout the streets of Mecca, Medina, and Pelan with our Father healing the spiritually sick and the mentally dead.
The First educational show and Prove were held Sunday, June 13th, 1971, at the Harlem Prep Located on 135th street and 8th Ave from the hours of 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Tickets were $1.00 in advance and $1.50 at the door. The Annual Show& Prove is the result of Allah's young 5%ers desire to prove to the world that Allah did not die and that we show& prove he lives on through us every time we come together. The Show & Prove was founded by Allah B, Prince Allah, God Supreme, Gykee, God Dumar, Takesha, LuAsia, and various others.
The Father's immediate family has invited a guest of honor. Allah's younger brother A-Allah and his sister Bernice came. Allah's Old Earth still distraught by the assassination of her son declined the invitation, although she did accept the First Edition Print of the Father's portrait made by I-God. The First Show and Prove was a long festive show/occasion and it is still going strong even today.
Old Man Justice was born James Howard on 6/3/1924, he was the only brother in the Nation who was older than the Father. He and the Father met in Mount Morris Park. It did not take long for Jimmy to accept the reality of the Father's teaching and he and Allah became close friends. James became known then as Free Cipher Akbar later to be named Justice. He never wanted to be a leader of the Nation, however; after his father passed he helped guide the Nation for nine years until his physical passing on 7/19/1978.
In the desert, on Strong Island the FOI of the Nation of Islam was out Soldiering the Muhammad Speaks Newspapers in Squads. Among them was a young Muslim named John 37x, during the spring of 1960. This was the day that he would meet a man that would forever change his view of self and Life in general.
While Bro. John 37x was out soldiering he came across a debate between two members of the FOI, one brother had challenged a young brother (Clarence 13x) for identifying himself as Allah according to the initiator only Master Fard Muhammed could be recognized as Allah. The young man (Clarence 13x) told the man that "I am Master Fard Muhammad's Uncle, which means that I'm his Father Alphonso Shabazz's brother and Alphonso was Allah before Fard." Then the young man is known as Bro. Clarence took the brother to the student enrollment question number one. "Who is the original man?" answer: the Original Man is the Asiatic Black man, the Maker, the Owner, Cream of the planet earth, Father of civilization, and God of the Universe. Then the Father said, "I am an Original Man and the Original Man is God and that makes me Allah." After listening for some time Bro. John 37x jumped in on behalf of Bro. Clarence the situation was quickly resolved and they rode back on the train together, Hence from that day, the two became good friends.
Within the Nation Bro. Clarence 13x, and Bro. John 37x became known as a strong force to be reckoned with by way of the lessons. During the year 1963, the two left temple # 7 Bro. Clarence declared his name from then forward as Allah, and John 37x became known as Abu Shaheed.
Abu Shaheed was the first to bear witness to the Science of our Supreme Mathematics. He debated against the Father (Allah) for three days as to what should come first Knowledge or Wisdom on the third day he came to understand the truth of the Science "Knowledge before your wisdom." Shaheed means From whose eyes the veil has been lifted. Allah was born Clarence Edward Smith on February 22, 1928, in Danville Virginia. He was raised with a strong southern background. He went to Harlem (New York) during the mid-1940s. Allah physically fathered seven children. He had two sons with a woman name Wileen Jowers, Their names A-Allah and B-Allah. He then met and married a woman named Dora who born him four children; Christine, Debra, Clarence, and Perry. His last son he named after himself Allah; by an Earth named Gevasia. Around the 1950's Allah went to the Armed Services and served in the Korean War. He returned home with a high and prestigious Award for his outstanding Service Record. After returning, later he decided to join the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammed, the temple he joined was temple number 7 and it was headed by Minister Malcolm X.
While studying under the Nation of Islam; He found conflict in the fact of believing in a Mystery God; when the lesson's that he was studying were telling him that he was The maker, The owner, The cream of the planet earth, Father of civilization God of the universe. In any case, Allah left the temple in 1963. He then begins a campaign to teach the masses of black youth in the streets of Harlem, that there is no Mystery God.
When Allah left the temple he brought with him Brother John 37X known today as Abu Shaheed. He also met a young man, by the name of Brother Jimmy, in Mount Morris Park. Brother Jimmy by learning the teachings of Allah changed his name to 4 Cipher Akbar. Today we know him as Old Man Justice. Old man Justice became the father's closest associate. Today when we think of Allah we think of Justice. Soon Ebeka left the temple to join Allah. Allah also chooses nine young brothers to help him in his task of civilizing the lost-found Nation of God and Earth. These young men became known as the First nine born.

He chooses nine because in mathematics 1 to 9 are the numbers that represent a complete cipher. (1234567890) - (0123456789) - (12345678910)
The first nine consisted of Kareem who later became known as First Born Black Messiah, Al-Salaam, and Al-Jabbar who is now First Born Prince Allah, Niheem who is now Bismii-Allah, Akbar, Kihiem, and Bilal who is now ABG7, Al Jamel, and Uhuru.
Allah and his Fruit are taught by using the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabet. He showed us the meaning of our names, ages, why life was so hard for Black People and other significant facts of life. The "powers that be" tried to stop Allah from teaching the truth. There were numerous attempts to try and stop him and each time they failed because he was able to spread the word further. In 1965 Allah was arrested and taken to Bellevue Hospital. From there he was taken to Mattawan for the criminally insane. They claimed that he was crazy because he said the Black man is God. This, in any case, made him build harder. He taught us that we must be leaders in our lives, our Families, and our communities. This way the Devil could not touch us because you can't kill anything that doesn't have a head, all the cells would reproduce.
In 1967 Mayor John V. Lindsay presented Father Allah with the Street Academy (Allah School in Mecca) at 2122 Seventh Avenue NY NY, and today the Fruit of Allah is the result of what Allah came to teach us. Allah was assassinated on June 13, 1969. Physically he is gone but as long as we continue to build, he will never die.