Ancient Order of Free Asiatics:


Asiatic Constitution
Culture Of The Universe
Past Masters Key


A Free Asiatic National and International Constitution, The Constitution for the Asiatic Black and Brown Nations of North America, referred to as Negro, African, Indian, West Indian, and the Caribbean, etc, by Europeans the world over, further on will be called Asiatic or Asiatics in this document. This Constitution is the foundation of The Culture Is I-God, books one and two.

Article I
Twelve Signs


The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the Code of Supreme Mathematics scaling from one to nine and then the cipher, also the Kabbala and the seven sciences, comprise, the Constitution of the living Asiatic Black Nation of North America referred to as; 'Negroes'  who ruled the Universe, the oceans of the Earth and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac before the separation of the Earth and Moon. We ruled up, and until the Amazon Dutch German, Catholic Priesthood Father’s of the Revolution of 1789 AD, and the Sisterhood of the Magna Carta also the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Union Society of European Supremacy in the year of 1863 AD. 

The Twelve Jury-Men of the fifty Union States Society and the nine Judges of the Supreme Court were founded upon the Asiatic Nations. Thus, without the Asiatic Nations; the Magna Carta, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Union Society’s myth of European Supremacy could not have been founded in 1863. The Magna Charta, granted freedom to the blonde masses. The Emancipation Proclamation reiterated the Slaves as property. The Municipal Civil Law Code of the United States is an incorporated political unit set up by each State of the Union based on Roman law, English Codes, Spain's Culture, and the Lodges of France. 

Article II
Birth Rites of All Asiatics


The Magna Carta, granted freedom to the European masses. The Emancipation Proclamation reiterated the Slaves as property. The Municipal Civil Law Code of the United States is an incorporated political unit set up by each State of the Union based on Rome, Spain, France, and England.

Since the twelve Juryman of the fifty Union States, Magna Charta, and their document of European - American Supremacy, and the nine Judges of their Supreme Court were founded upon the Zodiac with Twelve signs and 1-9 plus 0 Supreme Numbers, then, the Lawmakers do not have any jurisdiction over any of the Free Asiatics in the inherited land of the United States of America, Canada, Central, and South America, etc, the Magna Carta, Civil Law Code, governs the rights and conduct of the Europeans and European-Americans. 

The Free Asiatics Nationality and their Titles and/or Family names such as Jabbar, Shabazz, Muhammed, El, Dey, Bey, Allah, Ali, and Al, etc, are their inherited title and or last name, without legal due process of the Lawmakers (Rule-makers) of the Union Society, because what our Fore Father’s were, we are that today without a contradiction. This planet is the inherited home of all Earthlings (Asiatics & Europeans). *(99 Family Names) 


Article III
Taxes and Military Exemption


The Asiatics referred to as Negroes; can never, become members and citizens of the Union Society of the fifty States. Therefore, they cannot be forced or drafted into the Unions, Army, and/or Military service to fight for the Magna Carta and its code of European—American supremacy.

The Rule-makers of the 50 States Union Order, cannot force the Asiatics to pay taxes, because taxation without representation is a supreme violation of the Union's Constitution. The Union Lawmakers (Rule-makers), should denounce their immoral Magna Carta Code and resort to the Constitution for the United States.

The Asiatics should not be compelled to pay labor taxes because everyone in the Union Society should not be a tax on their labor by the Rule-makers of the US government. The Asiatic Nation does not have any room for ignorance, crime, drugs, slavery, race, color, war, or injustice.


Article IV
Adequate Employment and Protection


Every Lawmaker and the heads of industry and business enterprises of the 50 States Union Order are obligated members and citizens of the Magna Charta, Christian Church and Temple system of Christ, King of the Jews, meaning Jury over the wealth and freedom of the true and living Asiatic Nation of North America. Therefore, by the Asiatic Constitution, the names such as B.U.T. (Born {That} Universal Truth) not limited to; Jabbar, Ali, Bey, El, Dey, Al, Shabazz, and Allah, etc, can create adequate employment, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness. The Asiatics, will and must demand respect for women and children.

The Asiatic man must and will protect the children from mob violence, rape, and injustices, without being obligated to the Union Church and Religions system of the Order of Christ, the European-American Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Truth needs no doctrine because it is supreme. Money does not make a man, it is free national standards and power that make a man and a Nation.


Article V
Marriage License Code and the Universal Law of Nature


Truth cannot be altered and therefore it does not need an apology, nor God’s doctrine, because it is supreme thought for the entire Asiatic Family, man, woman, and child, all those who claim their National descent names; shall be free Asiatics the world over.

The Brotherhood of Christian sons made up the marriage laws founded on the teachings of the church fathers of the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Thus, the Sisterhood Christian Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) also help established marriage licenses, state rites, and codes.

Men and women are married by the supreme law of nature. A Marriage License is in violation of the laws of nature. The union between man and woman spells love with the reproduction of a child, in which a marriage license, plays no part.

The Pope, Priest, Preacher, and Judges of the Christian Society know that Adam and Eve did not have a marriage license, the marriage license, does not belong to the teachings of Jesus. The Marriage License code is an act of selling a man and woman to one another. This is what the European-American has done to his woman and doing this has made her and him a slave to the State. The marriage laws came from the Roman Nations of whom crucified Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 27:27), Ihshvh (Yeheshua) the Savior symbolize by the pentagram on the cross. Preachers, Money, Licenses, nor Religions, will never be needed in the Marriage rules of the Universe.

There are not any illegitimate children that can come from a woman, who is the gate of the creation of both male and female children by the laws of nature. Man is the creator of both male and female children through his seed, 'IHVH' is the Grand Architecture of the Asiatic family. (Adam) means, the positive and negative forces in the son of man, and (Eve) means the neutral forces of women and daughters, responsible for a nation under a reproduction of children.

People born under the opposite signs and the angle signs are in harmony with one another in every manner. First-hand knowledge of the sign under which you and your mate were born, will guide your destiny in Love, Peace, and Happiness, this is not a theory. Man and Woman will know their duty toward each other and their children without being forced by the traditional code of the courtroom.

The Union Magna Charta, Marriage License code caused the woman and man to be cut off from the family of the Universe. The women of this world were social slaves against their will and desire. A preacher, money, licenses nor religion is not necessary for the standard marriage law. The Zodiac (12 Jewels) is the standard for marriage and Asiatic guidance. 

Not following this law can cause people to carry in their brains a secret sorrow and anger which causes their children to inherit a tendency of crime, hatred, insanity, and various other diseases. The Twelve Jewels or Zodiac Marriage Laws can free Man and Woman. The elements of the signs are man and woman, the opposite signs are man and woman and the first marriage came from the Zodiac (these images and names have changed over the ages)  and/or Twelve Jewels.

Fire—Aries and Libra—Air
Earth—Taurus, and Scorpio—Water
Air—Gemini and Sagittarius—Fire
Water—Cancer, and Capricorn—Earth
Fire—Leo and Aquarius—Air
Earth—Virgo and Pisces—Water
(Natural Birth Order)


The keystone is one-twelfth of the circle, one sign of the Zodiac. The four fixed signs of the Zodiac form the square of matter or the four material bodies of man. The three fiery signs of the Zodiac form the three spiritual bodies of man. The seven signs of the Zodiac demonstrate the sevenfold man. The three spiritual bodies are imprisoned in their four material tombs. The three signs, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, are feminine, while the four signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are masculine. The five un-manifested signs represent the Royal Arch (Universe).


Article VI
Asiatics and/or Moors


The Asiatics of North America are descendants of the Ancient Canaanites, Khemeties, Moabites, Hamites, Cushites, Shemites, Japhethites, Chaldeans, and the Magis of Egypt, etc. Free Asiatics are guided by the laws of the Universe. The European—American is guided by the Magna Carta, traditions, and customs. The Christian Law system is a rule of actions recorded on paper and supported by force as the Protocols. The Laws of the Original Nation are recorded in nature as knowledge of the Sun, Seven, Moon, Star, and Comets; this will prevent the Asiatics from indulging in crime, then we as Asiatics or Moors will not have to appear in court to stand trial. Free Asiatics do not indulge in criminal acts such as Cocaine, Robbery, Violence, Sodomy, Deadly Force, Forgery, Prostitution, Illegal Schemes, or breaking the peace in any form.

The Asiatic Nation gives honor to Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, WF Muhammad, Elijah Muhammed, and Allah the Father, the five on the left, C. Kirkman-Bey, and C.M. Bey, the two on the right.

The 1863 ace, Bible Story of Adam and Eve was founded upon the twelve signs of Law, Positive and Negative forces of Nature, and also male and female ciphers of life. The European—American, his customs and traditions, must be respected by all the Asiatic Nations, without submitting to the Magna Carta. The Asiatics land extends from Alaska to Chile. In favor of Justice: Learn the Laws of the Universe, Asiatics should not remove their Fez, Crown, (He-Rule) Turban or equivalent, etc, from their head in any courtroom in the Union Society. This Constitution and books definitely do not protect criminals. Beware!


Article VII
Legal Rights of Free Asiatics


The Asiatics cannot be forced to take an oath over the Bible or any Holy Books. The Asiatics should not employ unconscious Lawyers to represent them, Europeans and their unconscious 'Asiatics' can never represent a Free Asiatic. The 'unconscious Asiatic' is the property of the Union Society slaveholders.

The Asiatics must respect the courtroom by saying: 'I affirm that I will keep all part or parts of Constitutional Law, which I have received as an Asiatic, also let it be recorded that this Union court does not have jurisdiction over a Free Asiatic'. This makes you qualified to be defended by the Constitution of the united states of America. 

The Dutch-Anglo Priest Church Fathers overthrew the last stronghold of the Asiatics between 1700 and 1865, this is why the Asiatic Constitution will conflict with the Priesthood Christian Union customs and creed. The Asiatic Constitution is for Men, women, and children, and the Magna Charter of 1854 is for the European—American. The European—Americans; who are the founders of the Union Society will attempt to ignore the Asiatic Constitution and the birthrights of the Asiatics until we come together, As One people. The names, religions, and churches, were established by the Dutch-Anglo Saxon Priesthood Franciscan of Europe who overthrew the Asiatic Society between 1789, and the Union of 1863. 

An Asiatic must never attempt to teach or lecture in Christian Institutions, it is a violation of the Magna Carta Code of Mary and Christ, for the Union States. Do not criticize the European—Americans' belief in the religion of their son and woman image. The “Magna Carta”; is a Latin phrase meaning Magnate Charter of European economic and social attraction, which had the beginning in the colonies of New Amsterdam, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois in 1848, through 1854.

The Culture Is I-God (1&2) Your Masters Key Of Civilization All Rights Reserved For All Free Asiatic people. This is the Asiatic Constitution for the Asiatic Black Nation of North America, referred to as; Negro, African, Indian, West Indian, and colored people, by Europeans. One's reproduction of this Constitution is subject to a penalty.


This Constitution The Foundation To
The Culture is I-God, Volume I & II

If the lawmakers of the 50 union states of North America, should attempt to ignore the Asiatic Constitutional Law and Birth Rights of this document. It would be an act of Supreme violation of their own Magna Carta, Code.



Allah El