Asiatic Music 

Chapter 8

Peace: Music and Musical Instruments, Hebrew Music in General, Music in some form is almost universal among all peoples, its primary application being as a social diversion, but usually with extensions in connection with magic and religious ceremony, often with the aid of instruments of much ingenuity.

It is, therefore, natural that musical customs and implements should have been well known to the ancient Hebrews.

The Old Testament refers to singing and dancing, and names nearly 21 instruments, the whole subject remains obscure because of the ten percent.

We have the analogies from adjacent countries as proof, Countries such as Egypt, Babylonia, and Assyria. Singing, dancing, and playing on instruments are frequent features of social jubilation, as in connection with the stories of Jacob Gn 31:27, Ex 15, Israel at Sinai Ex 32:6-18, Jephthah a Judge in the old testament, Judge 11:34, among the profane riotous, Job 21:12, Ec 2:8, 7:5, Is 5:12 among other chapters in the Old Testament.

The instruments mentioned are the drum, two kinds of pipe, and two with strings.

In one case drums and stringed instruments are named, apparently for war use (Is 30:32).