Knowledge = in and of itself can divide into any number evenly on into infinity (360 degrees)...
Wisdom = (180) degrees or half and/or linear timeline and/or a line in time...
Understanding = (120) degrees or the triangle...
Culture or Freedom = (90) degree angle...
Power or Refinement = (72) degrees or the five-pointed star...
Equality = (60) degrees...
God = {51.4285714...} degrees or infinity the infinite number...
Build or Destroy = (45) degrees eight-pointed star...
Born = (40) degrees nine months in the womb...
Cipher = (360) degrees infinity in a globe and/or circle...

Knowledge = 96 = 15 = 6

Wisdom = 83 = 11 = 2

Understanding = 150 = 15 = 6

Culture = 100 = 10 = 1 or Freedom = 66 = 12 = 3

Power = 77 = 14 = 5

Equality = 110 = 11 =2

God = 26 = 8

Build = 48 = 12 = 3 or Destroy = 106 = 16 = 7

Born = 49 = 13 = 4

Cipher = 59 = 14 = 5

Allah the Father The 5% Nation Elijah Muhammed & WD Fard
Chapter 12


Clarence Smith was born on Wednesday, February 22, 1928, in Danville, Virginia, the fifth son of Louis and Mary Smith, his sister Bernice and younger brother Harry were born after him to complete the family of seven six boys and one girl.

Clarence’s mother nicknamed him 'Put' and this is what they called him throughout his early childhood.

The young Put had a childhood in a world and time of segregation and miscegenation. In 1940, Clarence's mother, ‘Mary’ moved to Harlem New York, and in 1946, Clarence came to join his mother and older brothers. Once in Harlem, his nickname, 'Put' was mistaken for 'Puddin' and from that day forward his name became Puddin.

Puddin performed several odd jobs to keep money in his pockets. Among them was a fruit stand that he opened up in Harlem. It was also in Harlem that he developed a knack for gambling. He played a lot of pool in Harlem also as Puddin and these days got him a reputation as a Pool Shark. In 1950, Mr. C. Smith joined the Army and went to fight in the Korean War. Half a world away and at war did not deter him from the loves of his life, he would send money home regularly, that he had won gambling.

He returned to the US and accepted the teachings of Islam under Elijah Muhammed and joined Temple Number 7, Minister Malcolm X was the leader of Temple 7 in the 1960s.

It was while he was in the Temple that he met Akbar on the streets of NYC (Justice who was not in the Temple) who would become his closest associate for many years to come, soon after, he was promoted to the position of lieutenant with the responsibility of training the Fruit of Islam (FOI) in Karate, which he had learned while he was in Korea.

In addition, he had a unique speaking style, a slow methodical cadence stressing syllables that normally are not. It was hypnotic; Allah the Father was again promoted, this time to the position of a student minister. Elijah Muhammad had received word of this fiery young student minister and traveled to New York to meet him, and to bestow him with the name of Abdullah. 

In 1963, when Allah the Father was addressing the student minister class he was speaking about what makes rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes, he was manifesting his self-styled wisdom, that 'all that above is caused by the son man'. 

The head of the FOI, Captain Joseph, walked into the room and heard what the Father was teaching, he then stopped the meeting, dismissed the men, and spoke with Allah the Father. The Captain told Abdullah that he could not teach what he was teaching here in the temple.

It was a time of turmoil in general for the Nation of Islam, Minister Malcolm X himself was given a suspension from the temple, and so Abdullah (Allah) left the temple, Allah the Father and other brothers who understood the reality of Abdullah’s teachings left with him.

He removed himself from the temple with lost-found lessons (that had so much to do with him developing into a fiery orator), back to the streets of Harlem, teaching, “I am self, self is the true reality, son of man, God” to the masses of youth who have not to receive knowledge of self, about their people and history. 

In 1963, the Father left Temple number 7, the Father Amended his name from Clarence 13X (Abdullah) to Allah, then he went to the streets of Harlem to do God's work, moreover, which was to reach his blind, deaf and dumb people (85%), and from them, raise the 5% Nation 'Gods & Earths'.  

His first students were Kareem (Black Messiah), Nahiim (Bismii Allah), Uhuru, Kihiem, Al-Jabbar (Prince Allah), Al Jamel, Bilal (Jihad and/or ABG 7), Akbar, and Al Salaam.

They called Allah, 'Father' because many of them were the product of broken homes and he was their Father, thus the Father taught his First Nine Born.

Allah's First Born became very powerful and dynamic young men that brought hundreds of Asiatic youth into the knowledge of self.

They became known as Allah's Five Percent Nation 'Gods & Earths'.

The Father taught them that they were of the Highest even though they would be considered by some to be the lowest in the wilderness of North America.

He taught that they should not be anti-white nor pro-black, but that they should be anti-devilish and pro-righteous, and that they should fear nothing in this world, that even the Devil did not fear death, his only fear was of Allah because he knew not when or how he would come.

In addition, if they were one with Allah, there should be no reason to fear anything in this world.

He told them that they did not need guns unless they had the legal paper for them, that their tongue was their sword, and that they could take more heads with the words of Allah than an Army could with Guns.

Moreover, he who must live by the gun shall surely die by the gun.

The Father did not teach the 5% Nation 'Gods & Earths' to fight fire with a tulip, but he taught them not to try to put out a fire with gasoline. The First Born was each required to teach 10 children or people younger than they were and they shall be their fruit.

Note: These are the teachings that Allah The Father left for his 5% Nation. Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, AF & SF.


The Problem Book is a degree that was given to Elijah Muhummed by WD Fard in the 1930s
W.D. Fard said this book would teach the Lost-Found Nation, knowledge in a mathematical way

 1. The uncle of Mr. WD Fard lived in the wilderness of North America and he lived other than himself, therefore, his pulse beat seventy-eight times per minute and this killed him at forty-five years of age. How many times did, his pulse beat in forty-five years?

 2. The wife of Mr. WD Fard's uncle, in the wilderness of North America, weighs other than herself, therefore, she has rheumatism, headaches, pain in all joints, and cannot walk to the store. She is troubled frequently with high blood pressure. Her pulse is nearly eighty times per minute and she died at the age of forty-seven. How many times did her pulse beat in forty-seven years?

 3. A sheep contains fourteen square feet of hair. One-tenth of a square inch contains ten thousand hairs. How many will the fourteen square feet contain?

 4. One one-hundredth Of a cubic inch contains two hundred million Atoms. How many will fifty square miles contain?

 5. The uncle of WD Fard lives in the wilderness of North America and he is living other than himself, therefore, he weighs more than he should at his height and he has high blood pressure. This killed him at the age of forty-four years. The average person breathes three cubic feet of air per hour, but the uncle of WD Fard breathes three and seven-tenths of a cubic foot per hour. How many cubic feet of air did WD Fard's uncle breathe in forty-four years? How many Atoms does he breathe in all of his forty-four years when One, one-hundredth of a cubic inch contains two hundred million Atoms?

 6. The second uncle of WD Fard, in the wilderness of North America, lived other than himself and, therefore, his blood pressure registered over one hundred thirty-two over one hundred. He had a fever, headaches, chills, grippe, hay fever, regular fever, rheumatism; also pain in all joints.
He was disturbed by foot ailments and toothaches. His pulse beat more than eighty-eight times per minute, therefore, he goes to the doctor every day and gets medicine for every day in the year one after each meal, or three times a day. The average person breathes three cubic feet of air per hour, but the second uncle of WD Fard breathed four and one-half cubic feet of air per hour. Five hundred pills equal one pound, so that kills him at the age of forty-six. How many pounds of pills did WD Fard's second uncle use in forty-six years? How many cubic feet of air did he breathe in forty-six years? How much does WD Fard's second uncle get robbed of in forty-six years? If twenty pills cost twenty-five cents? (He buys 7 pills a day) How much does this amount to in forty-six years? Once a week, he gives the doctor $2.50 for renewing the prescription. In addition, fifty-two weeks equal one year. So Muhammad wants to know how much money was spent on the pills and how much for the Doctors?

 7. If one one-hundredth of a cubic inch contains two hundred million Atoms, and if the total Atmosphere weighs eleven and two-thirds quintillion pounds.
Then one-third of the eleven and two-thirds quintillion pounds equal how many Atoms? Muhammad cracked one Atom into ten million parts. Then Sheriffs want to know how much one-third of a cracked Atom weighs?

 8. Four quintillion pounds equal the total amount of Atoms.
One one-hundredth of a square inch equals two hundred million Atoms. Extract the cube root of three-fourths of a cracked Atom. If a cracked Atom equals one-ten-thousandth of one atom, DW Shah wants to know what will be the weight of the cracked Atom.

 9. The population of Detroit is one million five hundred thousand people, and there are two hundred and fifty thousand in the original nation. During these hard times, because of the lack of jobs, and not having enough money to buy food, they eat two meals per day. The average person eats four ounces of bread, ten and one-fifth ounces of poisoned animal, three and one-third ounces of rice, and four and one-eighth ounces of other meal helpers. It is known to the Medical Profession and otherwise Muslim Sons that poisoning animal hurts the mental power; of one-sixtieth of an ounce per every ten ounces of poisoned animals. If the average person contains seven and one-half ounces of the brain, then Muhammad wants to know how long will it take to hurt the seven and one-half ounces at the above-eating rates. If the average person can be robbed successfully of one-third of their brainpower at the above rate, over 20 years. Then how long will an animal eater have to wait to destroy said brain power, at the above rates in 80 years?

10. Lake Erie is nine thousand, nine hundred, sixty square miles and the average depth is one thousand, nine hundred, sixty feet. The uncle of WD Fard lives near this lake in the City of Detroit, therefore, he uses the water from this Lake for all household purposes. A certain European told him not to use too much water if he can help it, so he only used forty gallons per day. Nevertheless, the second uncle of WD Fard is using two hundred gallons of water per day. How long will it take the first and second uncles to empty the Lake using water at the above rates? One cubic foot of water weighs sixty-two and one-half pounds. How many ounces of water is in Lake Erie? Sixteen ounces equal one pound. How many cubic inches are in Lake Erie? One thousand seven hundred twenty-eight cubic inches equal one foot.

11. The Suez (Zeus) Canal in Egypt is ninety-nine miles long, with a depth of thirty-three feet, and a width of one hundred twenty-two feet. The cost to build it sixty-four years ago as of 1933, was one hundred fifty million dollars, Ali has five hundred dollars worth of stock in it at the rate of six and three-fifths percent, now he wants to know how much money he has come to him at the above rate from 1869 to May 26, 1933. How many ounces of water are in the canal? How many cubic inches are in the canal? One thousand seven hundred twenty-eight cubic inches equals one cubic foot, one cubic foot equals sixty-two and one-half pounds of water, the Nile River, the longest river on the Planet, is four thousand six hundred ninety miles long, and one and three-eight miles wide. How many square miles are in the Nile River? How many square inches are there in the Nile River?

12. The area of our Planet is one hundred ninety-six million, nine hundred forty thousand square miles and it weighs six sextillion tons. Shamell wants to know how much does the State of Michigan weigh? Going by the Book of Cave out Of Darkness saying: that the State of Michigan is fifty-seven thousand, nine hundred eighty square miles and has a population of four million, eight hundred forty-two thousand, and two hundred eighty people, one cubic foot of common Earth weighs eighty pounds. If the average European weighs two hundred pounds and the average Asiatic weighs two hundred fifty pounds and there are five hundred thousand Asiatics living in the state of Michigan. With approximately eight million different livestock on farms, the average livestock weighing six hundred fifty-nine pounds and the construction of humans is approximately one hundred fifty-billion tons. So then, how much does the State of Michigan weigh? How much does the livestock weigh?  How much do the Europeans weigh? How much do the Asiatics weigh?  How much do the total weights of all weigh?

13. After learning Mathematics, which is Islam and Islam, is Mathematics, it stands true. You can always prove it at no limit of time. Then you must learn to use it and secure some benefits while you are living, that is luxury, money, good homes, and friendship in all lifestyles. Sit in Heaven at once! This is the greatest Desire of your Brothers and Teachers. Now you must speak the language so you can use your Mathematical Theology in the proper Term otherwise you will not be successful unless you do speak well, for he or she knows all about you. There are 26 letters in the Alphabet, if a student learns one letter per day, then how long will it take him to learn the twenty-six letters?

14. The University of Al-Azhar, in Cairo, has a student population of thirty-six hundred; all but one-tenth taking other than their Language, three-tenths taking Construction Engineering, two-tenths taking Civil Engineering, three-tenths taking Mechanical Engineering, and the rest taking Teacher-ship. One, one hundred and eighty-fifth of one had more than eight absent charges to their credit. Therefore, at the end of their Courses, they do not receive diplomas. How many were Construction Engineers? How many were Civil Engineers? How many were Mechanical Engineers? How many were Teachers? How many were in number that did not receive Diplomas? The Law of Islam prescribes that a Student shall not be given a diploma if he has eight or more absent charges to his account.

15. The planet Earth has a population of forty-eight hundred million people as of 1933. Forty-four hundred million are the Asiatic nations and four hundred million are the European civilizations. We need to live in peace but some Europeans do not want to live with the Asiatics. What would be the exact number of persons of each European against the Asiatics? After learning Mathematics, it stands true you can always prove it is no limit to time. Then you must learn to use it and secure some benefits while you are living, that is luxury, money, good homes, and friendship in all lifestyles.

It is also known to the civilized world that ten ounces of the poisoned animal destroy three one-hundredths percent of the beautiful appearance of a person. Then Muhammad wants to know how long will it take to destroy the whole, one hundred percent of the beauty appearance at the above-eating rates. There are ten numbers in the Mathematical Language. Then how long will it take a Student to learn the whole ten numbers (at the above rate)? The average person speaks four hundred words considered well we should learn to speak 800 words very well and on to 1000, how long will it take to learn 900 words at the above rate?

Note: Some said, W.D. Fard used this formula to help Asiatics in the 1930s. Master Fard Muhammed was born February 26, 1877, in the Holy City, Mecca, Master Fard Muhammed came to North America, in the year 1910 AD looking for one from among the so-called black people to teach, the “Word of God” he stated that “it must be one from among them” to give and receive light on the square. He signed His name W.F. Muhammad, which stands for Wallace Fard Muhammad. He came to the wilderness of North America and found Mr. Elijah Poole Bey, (One from among the so-called back people) He began teaching him the knowledge of himself, of God and the devil, of the measurement of the earth, of other planets, and the civilizations of some of the planets other than earth in 1930 AD. He went from door to door selling clothing and accessories, as well as artifacts. These, he claimed, were like those the ancestors (of the so-called black man) wore and used. As he peddled his goods, he told tales about the so-called Blacks of Africa that entranced his customers, this led to informal gatherings in homes in which he told the Asiatics about their land of origin. At first, his talks focused on the so-called black man’s history, culture, diet, politics, and religion. Eventually, he introduced the original Asiatic Black People to the Qur’an; his teachings denounce the European race for the wrongs they have done to the so-called Black man. His audiences became so large that they could no longer meet in homes. A hall was rented, and named, 'The Temple of Islam' W.D. Fard soon built his following into a tightly knit culture that looked to him as their leader. He established a University, which emphasized the teaching of Math and Astronomy. W.D. Fard began a Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class that continues to teach the principles of home economics and how to be proper wives and mothers to this day. He instituted a Para-military unit called 'Fruit of Islam' (FOI) to teach military tactics and Wing Chung for the predicted day that some European-Americans would not tolerate their growth and prosperity. He also set up the office of 'The Ministers of Islam', in three short years, W.D. Fard had acquired some 7,000 followers. Under the direction of The Ministers of Islam and the Labors, the Temple continued to prosper. One of W.D. Fard's early disciples, Elijah Poole (some say Elijah Poole Bey), was given the Muslim name Elijah Muhammad and was ultimately named the Chief Minister. In June of 1934, only four years after he made his first appearance in Detroit to Elijah, and shortly after Elijah Muhammad was named Minister of Islam, W.D. Fard completely and mysteriously disappeared.