Nine Reasons Why

Chapter 11



1. Allah's knowledge is supreme, unequaled by any other God. Allah is the knower and Creator of all things.


2. Allah's wisdom is infinite and purifies the brain of the Asiatic Black Man, and creates an extension from the Asiatic Black man to the Asiatic Black woman.


3. Allah's understanding is supreme, unequal to any other man. Allah has made all things easily understood, for understanding can answer any given question at any given time.


4. Allah's culture is purified ways and actions created with knowledge and understanding. The culture is I-God, which Allah completes with no beginning nor end. I do not deny myself for my culture is I-Self-Lord-Asiatic-Master, since my culture is that of Allah the Father, He will be praised forever in my presence.


5. Power for Allah's supreme power of the Mind is the highest form of life that can be conceived and lived by Allah, man's power is to know the culture manifested with seven and one-half ounces of a brain.


6. For there is none equal to Allah, Allah teaches equality is the one hundred and the tenth degree in one hundred and twenty lessons, for Allah the Father deals inequality with all creations.


7. Allah is the only wonder of the world, the God-head is the creator and teaches by the pin-head; that which Muhammed knew. Goddess (6) God is a man (7).


8. The Universal builders are the 5% who build unity of the mind and their neuron nerve cells, destroy the arch sinners, and send them all to hell. Allah saved the 5% from the unknown destruction and reconstructed the most dynamic and powerful nation on the earth, the 5% Nation in the wilderness of North America.


9. Born to give to God's own self, which Allah the Father did when born to supreme maturity and splendor of a Divine idea, which is the thought in the Mind. This is self-completion from beginning to the ending. Now God's life did not start at a beginning or have an ending that was what was created between (Aleph A-Ox; and the Tau, Th) Alpha and Omega. The original man is the only being to go from knowledge to born without going through the womb of the Earth (Woman). Knowledge to born was manifested mentally first, then in a physical sense.


Foundational Lessons That Teach Us Knowledge Of Self


Proper Handling of People

Universal Justice

Yacub's History 

Tribe of Shabazz

The Science of I-Self-Lord-Asiatic-Master

Yin and Yang

The Great Understanding

General Munk Munk

The Problem Book

The 15,000-Year History

Supreme Wisdom

Brotherhood of I-Self-Lord-Asiatic-Master

9 Pertinent Points of I-Self-Lord-Asiatic-Master

Allah The All in all

Plan To Save The Asiatic Blackman

Lost Found Lessons

What Makes Grass Green

What Makes Water Wet

What Makes The Sky Blue

General Semantics 


Minister Rostrum Lessons


Allah The Father told the Gods and Earths to do away with Muslim names and to pick the meaning of a name and create our own names.

'Lessons That Allah The Father Of The 5% Nation Revealed Out Of His Book Of Life In'


Actual-Facts Number One

The Universe

The Moon 

From Master Fard Muhammad To The Messenger (The Wisdom)

Teachings For the Lost civilized Tribe In The Wilderness Of North America In 99 And 120 Degrees

Islam In 90 Degrees

Life In 120 Degrees


Hidden Meaning Of Symbols

Office Of Allah

100 Attributes Of Allah