Did These Men Change The World Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, W.F. Muhammed, Elijah Muhammed, Allah the Father, Justice, C. Kirkman Bey, C.M. Bey, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.?


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Who Are The Five Percent
Chapter 19

The Five Percent Nation is essentially a group of Asiatic men and women who explore and understand the universe. God and Earth seek harmony in their environment and themselves. God and Earth are devoted to learning and applying such measures, which will ensure a rapport between themselves and the elements of their environment, thus, they direct their thoughts and attention to every possible avenue of information and experience, nourished by knowledge, they set out to correct and amend their course in life to the betterment of themselves and all with whom they come in contact.

Such a course is the most satisfying and enduring. Knowledge cannot help but improve one's appreciation and mastery of life. However, such a course is also beset with many challenges and hurdles, which often seem insurmountable. The inherent frailties of man the jealousy, lust, indolence, and greed about him are forces that act as shackles to his desire to know and master life. For each man and woman in history who has tried to explore new frontiers, multitudes were crying out against them. People dislike dealing with the unknown. Man must explore and know the innermost natures of life and in this pursuit of knowledge, upsets are bound to occur. As new light is thrown into existing beliefs and practices, man is often obliged to change his views. Self, which is you, is subject to impressions from many more sources than those that arise from the external world of matter. All of these elements are indeed part of you and your existence. Animate, living things, including man, have an aura. Fields of radiation, of energy, which extends around the body can be perceived by other beings and by animals, their forces, are invisible, but they exist. 

Man is a generator, he generates energies within himself. Some, such as nerve energy, have common, measurable electrical qualities. Others are of such a high frequency that their physical properties can be determined only by their effects upon persons and things. There may be a sudden emotional attraction toward the other or there may be an equally strange feeling of dislike or discomfit. Auras can and do affect inanimate objects and these, in turn, in a subtle way, affect our auras to cause an emotional reaction to them, if the aura is of that kind. Notice the emotional sensations you experience among strangers, in a conveyance, perhaps going to or from work; the same things work with books or magazines that have been handled by many people.

Thoughts can be transferred from one mind to another; this is personal magnetism. Thoughts are energy; they can be transmitted under certain conditions. An experiment is to begin to concentrate upon someone, without letting the person see that you are looking in their direction, fix the whole of your attention upon them. Dismiss all other thoughts from your mind except that the person will look up in your direction, visualize this one thought, and they will look up at you. 

We have two nervous systems central and autonomic, the autonomic system is related to the center in an intricate way, the central is sight, hearing, taste, and the motor nerves. Autonomic is subliminal psychic impulses that are vibrations from a nonobjective source. Autonomic can receive subtle vibrations of energy and transfer them to the central nervous system. Here is a test to try the next time you are fatigued and need a mental stimulus, bring the thumb and the first two fingers of the right hand together, take a deep breath and gently press the fingers into the hollow at the back of the neck against the skull.

Press gently, but firmly, and at the same time, exhale slowly, you will feel calm, relaxed, and mentally refreshed nothing more. The study of the nervous system and levels of consciousness shows how all nerve energy is electrical. 

Every electrical impulse sets up an electrical or magnetic field of radiations, an electrical field surrounds a point of electrical impulses; the body is composed of positive and negative polarity. The brain is the control board of the nervous system. Now we see by this that thoughts are thought forms and electrical impulses. Eyes wander about receiving numerous impressions by sight with all of them being transmitted by vibrations to the brain centers where they are translated into thought forms or pictures. Words are transmitted by vibrations of an electrical nature to the nerves attached to the drums of the ears, and through the impulses received on the eardrum, send forth vibrations along the nervous system to the centers of the brain. The same is true of tasting and smelling.

In ourselves, we will find not isolated powers but universal forces at work. (As above, so below) There are three universal principles or fundamental manifestations that affect the state of existence. These are called TIME, SPACE, AND MIND. Space is that portion of the universe beyond the immediate influence of the earth and its atmosphere. Nowhere in the universe is space empty, it is occupied by extremely tenuous matter generally gas and solids, from this we see that space and time are intimately intertwined. Matter exists both as gas and dust grains in the space between stars. Space is that property of the universe associated with extension in three mutually perpendicular directions.

In the "Theory of Relativity", when the velocity of light is approached, the classical laws of gravitation no longer apply, space no longer has the relations commonly assigned to it, and time slows down, this is why time is different in space. 

Our sun and the family of planets revolve around a central sun, which is millions of light years in distance, and it requires approximately 25,000 years for our sun to make one revolution in our galaxy about 2083.33 years per sign. The sun's orbit is called the zodiac which is divided into 12 signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, (with the earth it takes about 12 months 28 to 31 days per sign).

In conclusion, cosmic influences are invisible, but they act upon man, heat and light are intangible and incorporeal nevertheless, they act upon man and the same is true of other invisible influences. Man's body is not the real man nor is the material universe God. Man is composed of an invisible mind and a visible body, so too God has an invisible and a visible domain, in all we say that man is God, for man is not the body nor the soul but the Mind, this is why man cannot die, Peace From A Son of Man.

These are the teachings of Allah the Father and his Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. When the Father went to the streets of NYC he came with the teaching of Elijah Muhummed and WD Fard, this is what He taught the youth of America in '1964'. 

The children he taught 'learned to quote these teachings' (Degrees that the "Father gave the NGE, these degrees came from temple 7 NYC under Brother Malcolm X. who was a student of Elijah Muhummed whose teacher was WD Fard, the degrees are also known as '120' and to this day, 44 years later, (2008) 'this is taught in the ghettoes of the United States of America’. Now I ask you, are we a 'Gang', 'Religious Order' or Culture?

Supreme Questions For Free Asiatics

 1. Who created you? ALLAH

 2. Who is Allah? Allah is the Father of the Universe.

 3. Can we see Him? Yes!

 4. Where is the nearest place we can meet Him? In the heart.

 5. Who is Noble Drew Ali? He is a Prophet of Allah.

 6. What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a thought of Allah manifested in the flesh.

 7. What is the duty of a Prophet? To save Nations from the wrath of Allah.

 8. Who are the (5) on the left and the (2) on the right? Their names are known in the Asiatic Constitution.

 9. What year was the Asiatic Constitution manifested? 15077.

10. Where? The North Gate ~ West Asia.

11. Where do the (5) on the left and the (2) on the right manifest their rites? Allah.

12. What is a Nationality? That quality or character arises from the fact of The People belonging to a Nation, especially concerning allegiance by birth.

13. What is your Ancient Nationality? Asiatic, Moabite, Shabazz, etc.

14. What other Ancient Nationalities did we have? Ham, Cush, Canaanite, Hittite and Kamiishen etc,.

15. Name the seven tribes of the Asiatic Nation. See the Asiatic Constitution.

16. What does Shabazz mean? 7.

17. What is your Nationality? Asiatic.

18. For what purpose are the Asiatics given Knowledge? So that they could clean up.

19. How did circle 7 begin to uplift the Asiatics? By teaching them to know, who I am.

20. What is our religion? Without being obligated to the Union Church and religious system of the Order Christ, the European Son idol god, it is a creed.

21. What is religion? Obedience and submission to mandates and precepts of a Superior Being.

22. How many Flags do the Moors have? 2.

23. What do the Flags look like? Both are red Flags, one has a five-pointed green star in the center and the other has a white square on the left with a cedar tree of Lebanon in the square.

24. What do the five points on the Star represent? Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.

25. How old are the Flags of the Moors and/or Asiatics? Over 10,000 Years Old.

26. Which day do the Moors and/or Asiatics see as a Holy day? Friday.

27. Who is IHShVH? A Prophet of Allah.

28. Why is Friday a Holy day? Because it is the 7th day.

29. How are you born? On 7 or 9.

30. Will you give in brief the line (Genealogy) through which IHShVH came? Some of the Great Fathers through which IHShVH came are Moab, Canaan, Ham, Cush, Nahor, Ibrahim, Lot, and the Neteru.

31. Why did Allah send the five on the left and the two on the right? To save the Asiatics from the iron hand oppression of the pale skin Nations of Europe and America.

32. How long has it been since the Devil was made? 6,077 years.

33. Who is Ruth's Husband? Boaz.

34. What tribe is Ruth? The Moabites, (Ruth 1:4).

35. What is the modern name for Amexem? Earth/Asia.

36. Where is the North Star? The North Gate. 

37. Which way does the planet Earth rotate? East.

38. What is the mathematical equation for Jesus? God's Culture!

39. Did the Angels give to the child that is raised a Holy Name? Yes; but it cannot be used by those who are slaves to sin!

40. What is the modern name for Moabite? Moorish!

41. Where is the Moorish Empire? Amexem.

42. What is an Angel? The Kundalini.

43. Where did the word Angel come from? Aggelos.

44. At what age did IHShVH teach? Knowledge Wisdom.

45. How long did he teach? Knowledge Cipher Build or Destroy.

46. What is Holy Breath? Prana.

47. At what place on Earth did the Original man land first? The Navel!

48. Where is the land Mu/Moon? Separated 66 trillion years ago by Shabazz!

49. What is the Atziloth? Emanation symbolizes the celestial realm and the element of fire.

50. Name the tenth Sephiroth? (MLKVTh) Malkuth, represented by the Divine Name Adonai, (ADNI) and among the angelic hosts by the cherubim (KRVBIM).

51. Can You Name the first Sephiroth Of The Tree Of Life? The Name is (KThR) Kether, the Crown Exodus 3:4.

52. What is the Jetziratic world? (OVLM HITzIRH) Olahm Ha-Yetzirah, or the world of formation and angels, proceeds from Briah, and though less refined in substance, is still without matter.

53. What is the Asiatic world? (OVLM HOShIH) Olahm Ha-Asia, the world of action, is called also the world of shells, (OVLM HQLIPVTh) Olahm Ha-Qliphoth, which is this world of matter.

54. Who is Samuel? The angel of poison and death, His wife is the harlot, or woman of whoredom, (AShTh ZNVNIM) Isheth Zenunim; and united they are called the beast, (CHIVA) Chioa.

55. Build on 111. (AChD HVA ALHIM) "He is One God." (ALP) Aleph, an ox, a thousand. The redeeming Bull. As the lightning enlighteneth out of the East even unto the West, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man. (APL) thick darkness. AOM, the Hindu Aum or Om. (MHVLL) mad-the destruction of Reason by Illumination. (OVLH) a holocaust. (PLA) The Hidden Wonder, also a title of Kether from the (777 Qabalistic).

56. Where is Mecca for the 5%? Harlem.

57. What is the shade of the Asiatics? The shade of a Ripe Olive.

58. Give five names that are given to some of the descendants of Yacub's children! Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Dragon, and Beast.

59. Tell me about the Demons. This is the grossest and most deficient of all forms (lower self).

60. What about Satan? The "shells," Qlipoth, are the demons, who again are a form of the Sephiroth, distorted and averse. This great dragon, which is here described, is identical to the leviathan of Job. Finally, in a more exoteric sense, he is Satan and the devil, the accusing one.

61. Build on the Higher Self. The higher self is a man clothed with a soul, created in the form of Allah. The higher self is the embodiment of truth. The higher self is justice, mercy, love, and right. He, who knows his higher self, knows Allah.

62. Who is W.F. Mohammed? Eleventh degree in the 1 - 40.

63. Who is the Conqueror Muhammed? 1453 AD (Byzantium Empire).

64. Name some of the marks that were put upon the Asiatics of North West Asia by the European in 1774? Black, Colored, Ethiopian and Negro.

65. What is meant by the word Black? Negro!

66. What is meant by the word Negro? A member of the Black group, who originated in Africa south of the Sahara.

67. What does the word colored mean? Colored means anything that has been painted, stained, varnished, or dyed.

68. What does Ethiopia mean? Something divided. (Gk) {Aithops} Ethiopian, burn, face.

69. Can a man be a Negro, Colored, Black or Ethiopian? Emphatically No!

70. Why? Because man is Allah and the womb of man is the Universe.

71. What title does Satan call Himself? God.

72. Will you define the word white? White means purity, purity means God and God is the Ruler of the land, therefore, the European cannot be White.

73. To whom do we refer at all times as being Akbar? Allah.

74. Is the Devil God? Emphatically Now Cipher!

75. Who made the Devil? Yacub.

76  Tell everyone about Elohim. Plural formed from the feminine singular (ALH) Eloh, by adding IM to the word. However, in as much as IM is usually a termination of the masculine plural and is here added to a feminine noun, it gives to the word Elohim the sense of a female potency united to a masculine idea, and thereby capable of producing an offspring. The ancient of days conforms himself simultaneously to the Father and the Mother and thus begets the Son. Now, this Mother is Eloh. Again, we are usually told that the Holy Spirit is masculine. Nevertheless, the word (RVCH) Ruach spirit is feminine, as appears from the following passage of the Sepher Yetzirah: (AChTh RVCh ALHIM ChIIM) Achath (feminine not Achad masculine) Ruach Elohim Chiim: One is she, the Spirit of the Elohim of life (Man is YX). Now we find that before the Deity conformed Himself thus i.e., as male and female the worlds of the universe could not subsist, or in the words of Genesis, The Earth was formless and void.

77. What is Elohim sometimes called? (Alhim=300 also ALHIM=3.14) symbol of man's will of the evil four dominated by man's Mind. Also Tetragrammaton, Yeheshua the Saviour, hence the beginning of the great work, Elohim the original mischief, but good since it is a key of the Pentagram (95=1+4=14=8+6=86).

78. How many degrees are in a circle? 360°.

79. How many days are in the circle? Seven.

80. How many days are in creation? Seven.

81. According to science, how many days are in a year? Seven.

82. What does the Universal Flag Represent? Sun 7 Moon & Stars.

These questions were asked by an Asiatic, which contains 81 questions and answered by a Son of Allah on February 7, 15077

Zodiac Circle

This orbit is called the Zodiac which is divided into 12 signs familiarly known as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio (Eagle), Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

It requires our Solar System approximately 2,083.33 years to pass through one of these signs and this time is the measurement of an Age or Dispensation because of the precision of the Equinoxes, the movement of the cipher through the signs of the Zodiac is in order reverse from that given above. 

Regarding this matter, there is a disagreement among astrologers. However, from Virgo to Leo is about 2083.33 years in the Sun’s orbit, and the celestial precision of the equinoxes takes a total of 25,000 years to make its circuit or 2083.33 years per zodiac sign. Therefore, the transition from Virgo to Leo was about 7 times 2,083.33 or 14,583.31 years ago. The Ancient history of Khemet/Kemet starts when Taurus took over from Gemini about 18,749.97 years ago. We are now on the cusp of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, as of Aries/1/15086 thru Pisces/29/15186 Asiatic Calendar (100 years to make the transition). 

The Aia In A Perfect Body 
The Breath Form In The Body
The Aia & The Breath Form In A Perfect Body

The three signs Cancer, Leo, and Virgo are the three female signs from the breast to the womb; when squared, 3x3 they make nine. The male signs are four; Libra, Scorpio, Sagittary, and Capricorn from the coccyx Libra to Capricorn opposite the heart. When squared they equal 16. Nine plus 16 equals 25. The five signs, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are signs representing the hypotenuse above Cancer and Capricorn which when squared equals 25, the square of the circle thus squaring the circle.

1. "Squared" the four fixed signs of the Zodiac form the four material bodies of man.

2. "Trine" the three fiery signs of the Zodiac form the three spiritual (Mental forms) bodies of man.

3. "Seven" the seven signs of the Zodiac demonstrate the sevenfold Man. The three spiritual bodies are imprisoned in their material tomb!

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