Ancient Order of Free Asiatics 

An Earth/Wife 

Chapter 6

Peace: Take for your self a Earth/Wife and do the knowledge to the ordinances of Father Allah; take for your self a earth/wife, and become a faithful member of the nation. But examine with care, and fix not suddenly. On your present choice depends your future happiness. If much of her time is destroyed in dress and adornment; if she is enamored with her own beauty, and delighted with her own praise; if she laughs much, and talks loud; if her foot abides not in her father's house, and her eyes with boldness rove on the faces of men; though her beauty were as the sun in the firmament of heaven, turn your face from her charms, turn your feet from her paths and suffer not your soul to be ensnared by the allurements of imagination. But when you find sensibility of heart, joined with softness of manners; and accomplished mind, with a form agreeable to your fancy; take her home to your house; she is worthy to be your friend, and your companion in life, the earth/wife of your bosom. Cherish her as a blessing sent to you from Heaven.

Let the kindness of your behavior endear you to her heart. She is the mistress of your house; treat her therefore with respect, that your people may understand her. Oppose not her inclination without cause; she is the partner of your cares, make her also the companion of your pleasures. Reprove her faults with gentleness, exact not her obedience with rigor. Trust your secrets in her breast; her counsels are sincere, you will not be deceived. Be faithful to her bed; for she could be mother of your children. When pain and sickness assault her, let your tenderness soothe her affliction; a look from you of pity and love shall alleviate her grief, or instigate her pain and be of more avail than ten physicians. consider the tenderness of her sex, the delicacy of her frame; and be not severe to her weakness, but remember your own imperfections. Peace!