Green Book

To redeem man & woman from their sinful and fallen stages back to the highest plane of life with ‘Allah’ the Father.

The vortex (whirlpool in space = motion + mass) turns the earth on its axis, with its own axial motion. The outer part of the vortex has a greater velocity than near the earth’s surface, which has an axial motion of one thousand miles an hour. The moon has a 'vortex' surrounding it, which has a 'rotation axially once a month’; being an open vortex the moon does not turn. If a vortex does not have contact with a planet then it is called a dead planet. From the swiftest part of the earth’s vortex, its force is toward the earth’s center, if the earth were not present, the vortex 'would make one presently, the vortex is the foundation of the planets. Things in space and or the Atmosphere does not fall to the earth because of magnetism, but they are 'driven toward the center of the vortex, by the power of the solar space vortex. The Prophets taught that the vortex formed the earth as a ball of fire, and by this power is the warmth of the surface of the earth manufactured to this day, heat does not come from the sun to the earth, and the schools teach the superstitions of the European, who believed all things, came from the sun. They also talk about the attraction or gravitation of the sun extending to other planets.