We are self-conscious now, because we are slaves breaking from slavery. We destroy slavery in the world, and in our minds. We see it in our brains as evil, as the devil collecting and using our energies to pervert the world. We cannot pause, only action, which is divine. Words are wonderful, but deeds are divine.

We talk about man and woman as if we are separate because we have been separated, our hands reach out for each other, for the closeness, the completeness we are for each other, the expansion of consciousness that we provide for each other. We were separated by the deed and process of slavery. We internalized the process, permitting it to create an alien geography in our skulls, a wandering of prana that had us missing each other, and never understanding just what it was. After we were gone from each other; my hand might rest on yours, and still you would be gone; and I, of course, not there, out wandering, among the rogues and whores of the universe.

Therefore, this separation is the cause of our need for self-consciousness, and eventual healing. However, we must erase the separateness by providing ourselves with healthy Asiatic identities. By embracing, a value system that knows of no separation but only of the divine complement the Asiatic woman is for her man. For in-stance, we do not believe in "equality" of men and women. We cannot understand what devils and the devilishly influenced mean when they say equality for women-kind. We could never be equals. Nature has not provided thus. The brother says, "Let a woman be a woman, and let a man be a man. Nevertheless, this means that we will complement each other, that you, who I call my house, because there is no house without a man and his woman, for they are the single element in the universe that perfectly complete their essence. Woman you are essential to the development of any life in the house because you are that house's completion.

When we say complement, completes, we mean that we have certain functions which are more natural to us, and you have certain graces that are yours alone. How do you inspire the Asiatic man? By being the conscious rising essence of Life, with the babies. Woman conscious of her self, which is what we mean by cultured, Asiatic consciousness, and the Asiatic race, by identity, and by action. You inspire the Asiatic man by being the Asiatic Woman. By being the nation, as the house, the smallest example of how the nation should be. Therefore, you are my house, I live in you, together we have a home, and that must be the microcosm, by example, of the entire Asiatic nation. 'Our nation is our selves'.

What ever we are doing, is what the nation is doing or not doing is what the nation is or is not. You inspire the man by creating with him a new world. We seek this by bring in a new life that must be provided for, at all costs. By being a breath of the future as well as a living manifestation of our traditional greatness. Everything we do must be toward fashioning a new way, dedicating our selves to an Islamic value system, not 13th century Islam but that, which came with the stars and mood of the original people. The house we live in, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the words we speak, must reinforce our move for National Liberation and the new consciousness of the million year old personality, and it is the woman who must reinforce these thrusts in the babies. She is the creator of the environment. The need to expand this environment, to control our space, so that we will be able to create a complementary, beneficial environment for Asiatic people and a new world consciousness is the path of National Liberation, Inspire, to raise the spirit of, to constantly lift us to what we have to do. To inspire is to be the new consciousness, so that we must be defenders and developers of this new consciousness. You must be what we need, to survive, the strength, the health, the dignity, which is this new, millennia’s raging beauty.

To inspire, is to be consciousness, and this act alone is teaching. To teach the children this new consciousness, to give them a value for liberation, for National Liberation, To teach them to keep their spirits free of the alien value system: to shape them in the master teachings of the Asiatic National the new national order called AOFA, the doctrine of the (5) on the left and the (2) on the right. Education is the root of development it is also defense. When we speak of Asiatic Power we mean, self-respect, self-determination and self-defense (Wing Chung). To teach the children, to educate the children, is to make our future predictable, and positive. Our children are our future. Who controls your life even after the body has fell we must make sure our children are Asiatic not Black, Colored, Negro and any other name that the devil gave us, not only by culture but through power of consciousness. Education is the development of consciousness, Asiatic consciousness.

If the brothers are to fly in the face of, and confront, finally, to defeat, evil, our sisters, in that same struggle, must know the reasons we are struggling, and they must continue to teach, even if we are gone, weather our absence is temporary or permanent. It must be Asiatic consciousness that is given to our babies with their milk, and with the warmth of the Asiatic woman's loving body. Asiatic consciousness, survival training, inspiration it must be their natural heritage, and earliest environmental vibration, provided for, and emphasized by our women.

Our women will and shall organize the original free school in their womb. In addition, the God has organized the AOFA here in North America named after the original man in North West Amexem. It is to project our children in our own image. From 1 thru 9 they are taught, then the cipher, this is Allah; all praises to the original man. They are taught who they are, what they are, and what they must grow up to do. What is provided is identity and purpose and direction, an Islamic value system taught by Father Allah; the mothers of the Nation must be the earliest examples they are conscious of the future original nation composed of children. Who is in control of their minds? Each day many Asiatic people send their children to school for 6 hours  a day 5 days a week to learn European ideology.

Finally at the end of this training they learn, and many submit, and become European ideologists them selves. It is Asiatic Fathers who must teach Asiatic Mothers, and Asiatic Families who must teach American Mothers, and American Families, it is the original women, who are from the earliest living memory closest, therefore, of perhaps deepest value at teaching the sisters. Mothers must have Inspiration, to provide us with energy to reshape the world, to teach the children, so that they will understand, and take up the talk with their children in the future.

When we say social development, we are talking about the living together as a community, the communing of the community, and how that is manifested. How do we have life together, and is it beneficial? The community itself is intelligence, it is a living entity, shaped by and shaping its external environment. Nevertheless, by what internal laws do we cohere, as a people? By what organic laws of consciousness, that we actually subscribe to, actually live according to, by what real laws do we arrange our-selves in awe of, in response to. Despite, but even so, because of, and in spite of, the devil, we are organized among ourselves as a people. A free people have organizations, not necessarily in the actual framework of the colonizers program, but developed in an Islamic measure because of the light we possess, we are Free Asiatics; we have relationships with each other that exist exclusively because of the lectio.

The arc of our conscious expansion is infinity, because we can grow in absolute openness to express the magi of our 78 trillion year experience in this Universe. We are Supreme Mathematics in our world, in varying degrees, to different ends, for different reasons, depending on where we are in the Great God of the universe's mathematical frame work, and we have a community. For some it is a memory, a melody, a jiggling of their leg, a way up in "life." We have a nation. Our men are men. Our women are our women. The smoke filled miniature cosmic toilet is the Union Society. That is why we cannot always see each other. That is why we cannot always really be in tune. However, we as Gods and Earths have the culture and freedom of organization and nationhood and an actual Islamic structure now, as a nation, a nation in truth.

We are saying that we have an indestructible structure, rite and reason, memory and fact. Our life style will be wisdom, power and beauty with no interference. The resistance we turn into light and heat. The liberating consciousness will consciously evolved, consciously developed, and be created stronger with 120. The woman must encourage the seeds of freedom in her every act. Social Development means education, health, the home, the community and how it relates to the Free Asiatics, how they can be drawn into it as contributors of their own consciousness evolving into what you call politicize, nationalize and socialize. What is a nationalist lifestyle and ethnos? Sisters you in your dealing with the creative degrees, to be submissive to 120, to envelope intelligence, is a must to re-create this world pattern by an act of the will of the people. We are fighting a war, yes, but the most crucial part of that war now is the developing of the army's consciousness. To give them the will, hence the time, to resist & survive, and finally to make change. To exist to survive, to develop a value for recreating the political intelligence of the nation, social development means to advocate a society or company of persons for one common purpose. We will evolve from the life style of a conquered, colonized, people, to that of Gods and Goddess. Every breath must be prana, every step on the square. Women learn the priorities of nation building, and are an example of why we want a nation, in the first place.

Nevertheless, you must complement us, so we are whole. What we do, all our energy, is to be the male part of a free people. All that love and faith must be the connector, as a national purpose, of the original woman to the original man that answers a living creation called nation. The Europeans have reintroduced womankind precise purpose of stunting the nation, and changing the young Asiatic would be Nationals into a snarling attachment of a political power that is not for our people. Must it be our fate to be the police dogs of "revolutionary Europeans," egged on by Sheena, Tarzan's spare part. Asiatic woman understand that there is no future for the Asiatic nation addicted to the integrated political consciousness! That is just the newest order of European rule. As another group, we shuffle to the music of another jargon, another reason, for being with the oppressor's man or woman. A nation is a whole people, the Asiatic woman must be the one-half and the Asiatic man must be the other half of our life sign, our eternal manifestation. This has to be easy to understand.

As long as any thing separates the Asiatic man and the Asiatic woman from moving together, being together, being absolutely in tune, each doing what they are supposed to do, then the nation will never re-emerge. Our first step must be to understand that we simply are different aspects of a single being.